Bau: a further rise in interest from abroad

One year before the start of the show, Bau is proving to be even more attractive to the international building and construction industry. 37 percent of the applications received so far from potential exhibitors are from abroad — that ́s an absolute record for this point in the preparations. Once again demand for space has risen, and already we can say that almost all of the available space — 180,000 square meters in 17 exhibition halls — is now booked. What we have been observing for some time on the visitor side, is now also very evident on the exhibitor side: Bau is becoming ever more international. The number of exhibitors and visitors from outside Germany is growing continuously. In recent years the number of visitors from countries outside Germany has risen from 37,201 (in 2009), to 59,940 (2011) and 60,149 (2013) and then 72,250 (2015). In parallel with this the number of exhibitors from abroad has also only known one direction: upwards. From 464 (2009) to 530 (2011) and 572 (2013) and most recently 637 (2015). This means that within six years Bau has seen a 94 percent increase in the number of visitors and a 37 percent increase in the number of exhibitors coming from outside Germany.
The reasons for the growing importance of Bau at an international level are many and diverse. A very important aspect here is the reputation of Bau as “the architects’ fair”. Around 65,000 visitors to Bau are from architectural and planning offices. “Not only Germany, but also many companies from abroad exhibit here specifically because they want to target this group of professionals,” explains Bau’s Exhibition Director Mirko Arend.
Another aspect is the role of Bau as a springboard to new markets. In a poll of exhibitors one third of those surveyed named Asia and the Near and Middle East as key target markets. “Bau offers good access to these regions,” says Arend. “And that is most definitely part of our job as the world ́s leading trade fair.” What is noticeable is that the companies from outside Germany are submitting their applications to exhibit much earlier than in the past. Clearly the realization has spread that early application offers a significantly better chance of placement. Given the huge level of demand from potential exhibitors, is it still worth applying for Bau 2017? Yes indeed, says Markus Sporer, Deputy Exhibition Director of Bau: “As long as you are flexible about booth size and can be satisfied with a smaller space”. It is true that most of the spaces are now booked, but experience has shown that in the months before the show starts, some gaps do open up as a result of cancellations and reallocation of space. “Then chances open up for the companies on the waiting list who fit into the hall profile in question”. The Messe München exhibition center has 180,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space. And every available square meter is being made available to Bau”.

Bau 2017 takes place in Munich from January 16 to 21, 2017, and preparations are already well under way. Key themes, forums, special shows, the supporting program: “We are in consultation with our partners and have already made good progress,” says Mirko Arend.
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