Scm Group closes also the year 2017 with a positive balance sheet

Scm Group continues to grow, and its 2017 revenues are estimated at 650 million euro with an ever – growing orders portfolio. A success which confirms the Scm Group growth trend of recent years. For all Group companies, the transformation of materials has for over 65 years been a mission as well as a passion, which guided its choices regarding acquisitions and territorial expansion with a view to continuously improve the quality of its products and services. Scm Group has always believed and invested in the territories where it has been operating. This year, too, it confirmed this commitment by inaugurating a new production area in Zogno (BG), reviving a 20,000 sqm manufacturing centre in order to increase production of Cms special machines.

Cms is a Bergamo – based company which for 15 years has been the pride of the Group, focusing on the processing of advanced materials, plastics, glass, metal and stone, used in the automotive and aerospace industries for example. Scm Group investments do not stop at the Italian border but also cross the Alps – acquiring Hg Grimme, in partnership with the founder of that German company which specialises in designing and building Machines that process plastics and composites; or opening new branches such as the one inaugurated in Vancouver, Western Canada, in November – demonstrating its desire to be ever closer to customers in order to provide prompt and efficient service.

All their achievements in recent years have been the result of a unique mix of strategy and commitment in multiple areas. Among these, human resources have been the key, demonstrating that Italian companies, and Scm Group in particular, can invent and innovate while operating around the entire world. In the last year hundreds have been hired, bringing the total number of Scm Group workers, both in Italy and abroad, to over 3,500.

Always on the lookout for new talent, Scm Group has stepped up its presence in schools and universities by participating in many open days in such institutions, both national and international, organising courses of professional education such as the Digital Innovation Graduate Programme, an elaborate programme that is part of a Digital Master’s Studies course developed in collaboration with partners and leading universities. The selection process culminated in late November when the final tests were performed directly at the Group’s Rimini head quarters, to expose the candidates to an actual workplace. The finalists then signed a permanent work contract and thus effectively joined the Digital Innovation Graduate Programme. And ‘Digital’, with a capital D, is an element of vital daily importance at the Scm Group.

Demonstrating this ‘Digital’ approach, the Group will organise the Scm Digital Days, 25 to 27 January 2018, at the Scm Technology Center, at the recently renovated Rimini headquarters. Three days with a packed schedule of events and activities during which Scm, the world-leading producer of woodworking machines, will present its technological and digital solutions to its national and international customers: concrete solutions that meet customers’ needs, offering them a real return on investment. Turnkey solutions, integrated and fully automated systems, such as the one shown in Hanover during Ligna 2017, where Scm displayed in grand style over 60 different machines and hosted numerous events with industry experts… On display were solid machines that allow Scm Group customers to deliver such great projects as the interior wall cladding in the new Hamburg Philharmonic Concert Hall, using the so-called “white skin” with its superior acoustic characteristics that ensure evenly-distributed and brilliant sound in every corner of the hall. Two years of work, 10,000 panels of varying design and a final outcome of exceptional sound quality.

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