Thousands of visitors for the “Scm smart” factory

More than 2,500 visitors from all over Europe, as well as Asia, America and the Middle East flocked to the Scm Technology Center between 31 January and 2 February at the Rimini headquarters, for the “Smart&Human Factory” Open House. A record attendance that confirms the Italian giant as a leader at international level in the technologies sector for the second processing of wood and the furniture industry. After excellent results in 2018 with the entire Group’s sales figures in excess of 700 million Euro, Scm started 2019 under the aegis of innovation with an event entirely dedicated to the new frontiers in the digital and intelligent factory. A factory at the forefront where Scm state-of-the-art technologies are integrated with anthropomorphous industrial robots, assigned to more strenuous work, collaborative robots that work safely and barrier-free alongside operators, and interconnected by unmanned vehicles with intelligent navigation systems. The result also brings progress on the work front, that not only means the factory can meet incoming demand from the market faster and more efficiently, but alleviates operators of the burden of repetitive work so they can focus on more high value-added tasks. Inside the Scm Technology Center, set up for the occasion with more than fifty display solutions and those in progress, those attending were launched into the “Smart&Human Factory” that in three days worked on almost a thousand panels to produce four different kinds of furniture in record time.
Hundreds of professionals sought to learn more about the latest innovations researched and developed by Scm, including the after-sales services offered on fully digital platforms: from the IoT “Maestro Connect” system that gathers and analyses data from machines for an increasingly intelligent and predictive maintenance, to the “Maestro Smartech” glasses which, thanks to augmented reality technology, ensure clients always have an Scm expert by their side, wherever they are in the world. During the demonstrations given at the  open house, considerable focus was placed on the new “morbidelli x200” and “x400” nesting range, previewed on this occasion.
There were also more than a hundred teachers and students from professional training schools for the woodworking sector as well as technical institutes who had come to Rimini from a number of regions in Northern Italy to uncover the secrets of the people-friendly smart factory. To name but a few of the visiting groups, those from the new training centre at the ITS Rosario Messina Foundation – Federlegno Arredo from Lentate sul Seveso, the Istituto San Carlo in Turin, right up to the Istituto Tecnico per geometri Garibaldi – Da Vinci in Cesena.
We will return to talk about it very soon with all the technical insights and interviews with the protagonists of the event.


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