Panguaneta: new goal for sustainability

Panguaneta, a well-known reality of the “made in Italy” for the poplar plywood sector, has obtained the certification of the Energy management system according to the 50001 standard from the international organization Dnv-Gl. It is protocol rergarding the energy savings to which the company has chosen to adhere with the aim of reducing energy consumption and making its processes more efficient, in the context of the adaptation of the production systems currently in progress in their Sabbioneta-based plant.
The development of the “Sge” system involved an in-depth internal investigation to map the processes and the relevant identification − following a careful analysis of the data − of specific opportunities for improvement.

The main energy carriers managed by Panguaneta are electricity, for the operation of plant and machinery, and steam, for drying wood: to these two aspects are focused the main efforts to develop improvement paths in the optic of an ever greater containment of consumption and optimization of processes.
The new company layout uses the most advanced technologies for industrial automation and, at the same time, allows a significant energy saving. The last adjustments were aimed in particular at strengthening tools for monitoring energy consumption for each individual energy carrier, so to  better identifying the critical points and developing specific efficiency actions.
The 50001 certification consolidates our corporate path that we have been taking for a long time to make sustainability a competitive lever – says Miriam Tenca, Panguaneta’s Ceo. “It is an integrated approach that develops the business trying to protect and enhance together the territory, the environment, security and energy management. The 50001 certification marks an important step for us, which demonstrates our attention to 360 degree corporate sustainability, trying to grow in a coherent and transparent way from all points of views“.




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