Ica Group wins the Xylexpo second prize with “X-Matt”

A new product by Ica Group faces the market: here comes the new paint for ultra-opaque surfaces, which is anti-scratch and self-repairing. It is called “X-Matt” and was awarded at Xylexpo 2018, the biennial world exhibition of technologies for woodworking and components for the furniture industry in Milan, winning the second prize in the “Finishing” category of XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Awards.
The new product of the Civitanova Marche-based company surprises everyone with extreme resistance. Thanks to the heat it manages to “cancel” the surface scratches in a few seconds. This innovative line of interior decorating paints, suitable for any type of surface, also obtains ultra opacity with high performance characteristics from a chemical-physical point of view, maintaining a level of Voc emissions in application below what can be achieved with traditional Uv products.
“X-Matt” is resistant to coffee stains, anti-fingerprint, resistant to cold liquids (UNI EN 12720) and resistant to scratching (UNI EN 15186). It is available in infinite colors and three-dimensional effects, soft to the touch, with reduced Voc emissions.
After introducing the revolutionary Bio paints on the market, produced without petroleum but with organic waste materials, this is a new recognition for the constant research and innovation of the Ica Group. The Paniccia family company has always invested in research and development of products and processes, with significant results that confirm it to be among the international market leaders.


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