Verinlegno: “Ngn Titan” guaranteed up to ten years

The new “Ngn Titan” water-based paint cycles made by Verinlegno are guaranteed for up to ten years. They are high performance and offer very high standards of weather protection. They are specifically dedicated to external window frames using raw materials with low environmental impact, to the maximum extent possible. They have been designed and implemented by anticipating the Uni 11717-1: 2018 regulations, which came into force recently, in June 2018, which establish the requirements for the resistance to the degradation of wood supports and painting cycles for external wood and/or derivative doors, thus fixing, finally, objective and measurable requirements.
The “Ngn Titan” paint cycles, both transparent and lacquered, specific and differentiated by type of wood, boast an extraordinary ease of application, due to a high wetting of the product that does not compromise its thixotropy (verticality).
Verinlegno proposes six possible cycles for the transparent and two for the lacquered whose grammages are calibrated and sustainable. The context in which the frames are installed and the Uni reference standards will establish what kind of guarantee is usable (coverage varies between six and ten years). The guaranteed cycles do not include maintenance operations with products, but only the care and cleaning necessary for any frame. The warranty contract has no territorial limits but is closely linked to the overall traceability: from the woody essence to its processing; from the building in which the frame is placed, to its correct installation, to the care of the final user, as required by the Uni standards. Traceability makes it possible to establish the “guilt” in the event of damage, even after many years. The guarantee can be activated by the industries, but also by the small-medium craftsman and is a simple tool, also suitable for not too structured subjects.
The excellence of the “Ngn Titan” cycles from the primer to the finish, comes from the intensive research carried out by the R&D center of Verinlegno in collaboration with the Universities of Cagliari and Florence, together with the Cnr.

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