Biesse Group: approval of three-year business plan 2019-2021

On 26 February 2019 the Board of Directors of Biesse spa approved its 2019-2021 three-year business plan. Despite the international political and economic uncertainties, the Board of Directors is intent on maintaining its strict focus on investments in innovation, service and after sales care, without ignoring marketing/distribution efforts. 2018 consolidated revenues rose 7.3 pecent compared to the previous financial year with gross operating profit (Ebitda) exceeding Euro 92 million. The main strategies on which the three-year plan is based are the increase in the offer, the search for new solutions for clients and an increase in digitalisation, the latter focal point of global competition in the field of technology for wood and beyond.
All this should lead to extremely positive economic results. First of all, a three-year revenue growth of 6 percent and a significant increase in profitability as measured by Ebitda, which should rise by more than seven percentage points.
Therefore, important results for a unique Italian company, with almost 4,400 employees, the coverage of over 100 international markets and boasting a turnover that ranks Biesse Group among the top five companies of mechanics at a national level.

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