From Ligna to Xylexpo, a daisy chain of success

Portfolio expansion with the new Air&Painting business unit and development of a range of flexible and advanced products: a strategy focused on customer satisfaction at affordable prices.

The year 2019 was a successful period for Salvamac, manufacturing cross-cut saws and woodworking tools. “Last year we grew by more than 50 percent,” said Ziemowit Dolkowski, co-founder of Salvamac together with Christian Salvador.Such success involved not only the conventional and consolidated products that had driven us to establish a dynamic manufacturing site in Poland. Initially, the catalog revolved around the classical the Classic 40, 50 and 60, semi-automatic and manual crosscutting saws that require an affordable investment while allowing to make a major step towards faster, safer and more effective production. Around this cornerstone, we have added and are adding new aggregates and elements that significantly increase the performance of these “simpler” machines, including smart loading/unloading systems, automation to enable small companies and advanced handicraft businesses to adopt a totally new approach”.

The aggregates launched by Salvamac in 2019 include the electronic stop “Salvastop”, which electronically controls the stopping and positioning of bars and profiles to be cut, for any material, with high speed and total accuracy, thanks to a next-generation electronic brushless motor. The mechanical design requires no maintenance, while offering high strength and precision.

“Salvastop” can be installed on models “Classic 40”, “Classic 50” and “Classic 60”, transforming “entry-level” models into real semi-automatic cutting centers, offering the additional possibility to be interfaced with management software already available in the company. This example shows how “Industry 4.0” concepts can be extended to standalone machines, achieving significant performance with limited investments. It is worth mentioning that “Salvastop” can also be installed on other machines, adapting it to any application where measuring and cutting operations must be carried out very effectively.

“It was a very positive season, we achieved and exceeded our targets sooner than we had supposed,” Christian Salvador said. “Our models aroused great attention in all the markets that want to increase the speed and efficiency of each phase of the working cycle, starting from crosscutting.”

At Ligna 2019, this process has been further enriched and completed with the launch of the new “Salvapush 2000 optimizing saw with pusher”. “Optimizing wood cutting for the specific requirements of each customer is part of our Dna,” Christian Salvador continued, “and this is just the start. We have created a very flexible and advanced technical solutions that, for an affordable price, allows to optimize single boards with defects or packs of boards using more advanced technologies.”

“Salvapush 2000” features a brand new software version that allows to control the machine like a smartphone, with web-style graphics and easy data input and setting via a large touch screen, with digital communications among all the electronic components. New exclusive mechanical solutions are also offered for the cutting system and for the pushing bar, proving their high potential and flexibility at all the customer sites where the machines are installed.

The year 2019 was also a turning point for the new Air&Painting division.

By acquiring a share of a company that has been in business for over thirty years, traditionally focused on high-quality products, Salvamac has gained market shares in different sectors, with a portfolio that ranges from spraying booth with innovative sandwich panels offering increased sturdiness and devices that reduce consumption, to “do it clean” suction benches for sanding.  Besides the “Painting” division, the offers ideal solutions for companies of different size and with different needs, Salvamac offers ultra-sturdy and efficient portable suction units, bag or cartridge filters and complete measure-made plants. This is the mission of the “Air” division, with the clear purpose of combining the big potential of the Internet with more traditional sales and service systems, while keeping a focus on what the customer really needs.

The Salvamac philosophy has always been oriented to evolution, as the two friend and business partners said: “The world has changed, but this only means that it is larger and follows different rules: there are many more open than closed spaces, you have to drive looking ahead, not into the rearview mirror! And so, for 2020, the company has already planned the launch of new products that will be introduced at Holz Handwerk in Nuremberg first, and then at Xylexpo in Milan. The road to the future is clear: passion, hard work and confidence in an ethical approach, thinking like a big company, while remaining very fast and reactive, so as to move rapidly and seize every opportunity.


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