Rubner Holzbau’s wooden solution for Mestre covered market

Symbol of redevelopment of the city, the new San Michele di Mestre covered market was built in just 5 months, of which 2 were enough to create the wooden structure designed by Rubner Holzbau, the most technologically advanced sector of the Rubner Group specialized in large wood buildings.

Large 2,000 square meters, of which 1,000 dedicated to shops, the new structure is covered with rhomboid flaps in laminated wood on steel pillars, positioned in the center of the paths; this allows to leave the free view of the counters of the 36 shops. The main feature of the market is the roof whose mantle is in opaque corrugated sheet for the south-facing flaps and translucent for the north-facing ones. This solution guarantees natural lighting and, at the same time, allows for shielding from direct sunlight. The roof positioned at a height of 4.50 m ensures a large open space on the shops below of about 2.00 m; this allows abundant air circulation within the market.

The main challenges of this project – explains Giorgio Vitalba, Project Manager of Rubner Holzbau – were related above all to the location of the construction site in the city center and the tight deadlines for the construction of the structure. To deal with the first, we chose the design of a macro-element to be assembled on the construction site on the ground and to be subsequently placed at height, the tetrahedron, a solution that allowed us to manage the space on the construction site in an agile way and also allowed the other realities involved in continuing their work. As regards the timing, however, our site technicians have developed a time schedule and management of specific assembly teams to maximize the times and spaces inside the site”.


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