CONTRIBUTION 26 – Termolegno

“There have been several stages of our reaction to Covid-19 in the company. First, we did what there was to do…

Ilaria Fornasier
Sales manager TERMOLEGNO (San Giorgio della Richinvelda, Pordenone)

  1. How are you reacting to this emergency?

“There have been several stages of our reaction to Covid-19 in the company. First, we did what there was to do. From distancing, to sanitizing, to the suspension of production which is currently active only to supply spare parts; following all the government decrees. Almost all of us work in smart working, except for some production operators, to provide continuity and service to our customers through web conference and remote assistance.  Then there was the phase of confusion, bombarded with a thousand negative information every day it is not easy to understand how to react, what to think both as a person and as a company. But now we look forward trying to predict the moves for the future”.

  1. What do you think is changing or will change radically?

“It is difficult to predict what will change; much has already changed not only in private life but also in the way of working. This situation is leading to a very strong and global economic crisis; the recovery will not be immediate and not so obvious. There will be an evolution of everything related to product digitization and communication. Nothing will be taken for granted. Technology, flexibility and technical skills will be the driving force of Italian companies”.

  1. What should the authorities and all of us do?

“We should all look at the world with new eyes and prepare our minds for change; we cannot stand still and just wait form the storm passing by. The crisis can be an opportunity for personal growth and changes. The government is ambiguous, a way of communicating too theatrically and operational decisions are taken too slowly, but I have faith in the companies. Italy is made up of companies and people who roll up their sleeves and know how to get up and get busy; perhaps this is the right occasion to start networking and activate multi-sectoral collaborations between companies. “Synergy” will be the key-word to start again”.

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