Cefla Finishing takes the Italian Finishing School online

Since recent global events have dictated an alternative approach to B2B communication, Cefla Finishing has rapidly stepped in line with the circumstances and begun exploiting digital channels to share its expertise and experience in countless areas relating to surface enhancement technologies.

In March this year, Cefla Finishing decided to launch the IFS Online Channel to keep pace with the technological progress made every day in their specialised laboratories around the world. The IFS Online Channel gathers and shares a wealth of knowledge across the company’s social media channels. Revealing the many faces that constitute the line-up of experts in the Cefla Finishing team, the regular features include tips from the Lab, a selection of FAQs, case studies, process insights, company patents and technical topics.

With broad industrial experience at hand, Cefla Finishing is focusing on numerous topics, yet a recurrent theme in the first few weeks’ online publications regards the sustainability and efficiency of all coating or finishing processes, ranging from spray coating, roller coating, wrapping to industrial digital printing. Sustainability is viewed from many angles: economically sustainable processes, processes that are more sustainable for operators in terms of usability and energy efficiency which ultimately leads to environmentally friendlier outcomes.

Much of the communication is short and to the point. It quickly illustrates strategies to improve sustainability, explaining how to increase production flexibility or reduce costs and consumption. There is a focus on specific finished products and sections devoted to the growing opportunities of digitalisation, which is so extremely relevant today. “We decided to anticipate the launch of the IFS Online Channel to bridge the gap quickly and bring our customers information and educational content regarding a broad range of topics. We hope the industry appreciates our reactivity and will benefit from the knowledge shared by our team of researchers, designers, engineers, process experts, software specialists, sales professionals and qualified technicians. The IFS Online Channel is just one way of staying close to our stakeholders. In the meantime, we are supporting our customers worldwide at all times and responding to their demands using our digital tools”, states Alberto Maestri, Managing Director Cefla Finishing.

Italian Finishing School also to be held online
The amount of positive feedback from the online channel initiative has persuaded the company to go ahead with the idea of launching an online edition of IFS. As yet without a firm schedule, an announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

Remote digital support
Thanks to “Ubiquo”, the company’s software suite for remote assistance and efficiency optimisation, Cefla Finishing is able to stay close to its customers worldwide, intervening whenever required to provide support, maximise finishing line performance and assist customers with maintenance-related issues.

IFS Online Channel is available to everyone interested and can be accessed via the IFS link on the Cefla Finishing website or by following the Cefla Finishing LinkedIn page.

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