Salvador: making the most of the lockdown

The pandemic has been a disruptive event for businesses, not only for dropping orders and mandatory shutdown, but also because of the resulting uncertainty. And when this is over – all things must pass sooner or later – everything might have changed, or nothing. We must realize that such events can happen, not only in sci-fi movies.

Salvador, a historical manufacturer of cross cutting saws based in Treviso, is facing this new challenge with a positive attitude, trying to see the glass half-full. At the end of last year, they had approved an investment for a new showroom, and in early 2020, before the lockdown, they had completed the acquisition of a new site to expand production and product exhibition.

On one hand, the pandemic was a negative event, on the other, it created the conditions to make a bigger step, adopting technology that allows to view and test machines remotely. So, customers will be able to test a machine, interacting with the operator and the machine program, to identify the best performing setup for their needs and to customize the equipment accordingly.

This new remote test could be useful also for the sales staff of the Veneto company. While visiting customers in person is certainly useful, it is not always enough to persuade them that the technology is good, as they cannot “touch” the machine. With this new enhanced testing mode, Salvador allows the customer to “experience” the real product capabilities, adding one more arrow to the bow of their salesforce. This is a benefit for salespeople as well as for service engineers, who can analyze possible issues remotely and take action with no risk of misunderstanding.

During the lockdown, Salvador invested time in research and development, enhancing the “Superpush 200 Accurate” with a new pneumatic system for the side bars before and after the blade, which ensures very accurate calibration of pressure. In turn, this translated into improved results in terms of cutting accuracy and finishing.

Salvador has also expanded the labeling/marking portfolio, implementing a label printer with automatic application device for configurations with outfeed bench, or an inkjet printer when a length selection system is used.

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