Ciff Guangzhou: restart!

The first major design event of 2020 in Asia will be CIFF Guangzhou, which will showcase the whole furniture industry (home furniture, home decor and home textiles, outdoor furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture and commercial furniture, as well as furniture machinery and raw materials) from 27th to 30th July this year in Guangzhou.

With the Covid-19 pandemic that remains a global challenge, the 45th edition of CIFF Guangzhou will be the first large-scale furniture trade fair that will be held in Asia in 2020. Among the scheduled events, we would like to highlight the Global Conference Industry Trend Conference 2020 at which important international experts will be participating with the aim of creating guidelines and a professional approach in order to better design and further expand the furniture market on a global level. The “Design Spring” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Fair, which will be held in Hall 3.2, will be an exhibition focused on the integration of art, design and lifestyle, with the aim of reconsidering and discovering the exceptional cultural and artistic value of the Chinese production of contemporary furniture, to promote brands and to support the promotion of Chinese furniture worldwide. The 2030+ International Future Office will be held for the first time at CIFF Guangzhou. With the theme “oasis” in which images, text, lights, shadows, sounds and multimedia activities, the event will offer an exciting spatial experience to explore the infinite possibility of working mode that skilfully combines real-world scenarios and virtual interactions.

Events, forums, presentations, etc., will be broadcasted via online streaming on important thematic networks and thus giving everyone the opportunity to be present in one way or another and to experience the excitement of the trade fair. Known tools (especially in this period) at the service of a fair that aims to bridge the gap between those of the recent past and those of the near future and which will be observed with curiosity by professionals who will try to understand “what will become of us”.

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