Olispeed: power spindles and dreams of glory

When Olispeed was born, back in 2016, the basic concept was clear: build a project and an organization that, over the years, might grow into a strong competitor among industry players. This was the mission shared by the two “souls” of the company: the Wolong group, a Chinese corporation with a leading position in the production of electric motors, and Oli, a Modena-based company specializing in the building industry since 1961. A marriage based on a shared project, a brand only four years old, but with thirty years of experience brought by its people.

The company is entirely made-in-Italy, independent, free of organization and financial ties with specific OEMs, created to develop, manufacture and sell power spindles, the flagship of Olispeed, milling heads and accessories for machine tools for a wide range of materials, from wood to aluminum, from plastics to glass and stone, up to metalworking.

For a new brand, it’s not easy to find space in the market. It takes dedication, strong will and perseverance. And excellent products, of course”. Luca Amici, business developer of the Italian company, has no doubts about business goals and the quality features that will lead to success. “We aim for a place on the podium of our industry, making our way among giants. It’s not easy, but we believe that, with the experience we have inside Olispeed, we can win this challenge.”

Such confidence comes from the strength of the two players that created this organization. “Standing on the shoulders of two giants like Wolong and Oli, we are very confident. When two strong brands join their forces, they normally have great ambitions.” A solid foundation that has not been bent by the “Covid-19” emergency. “We must admit we have been “lucky in disgrace”, as our production operations are in Umbria, a region that has been less impacted than others. It’s not going to be easy, but we are optimistic that everything can start again: we always play to win, not just to participate.”

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