Boutique: a new space for Rubner Haus

Oak parquet, moss walls, an imposing staircase: it’s called “Boutique” and it is the new space designed by Rubner Haus, in which to immerse yourself for an emotional experience that accompanies the visitor in choosing the materials and finishes for their home. Designed by the Italian-Brazilian creative duo of Creative Studio, Guto Biazzetto and Carolina Espezim, and just inaugurated, Rubner Haus Boutique is conceived to create a guided tour in the Materioteca, a place of wonders full of sensory ideas where, guided by expert consultants, evaluate the technical aspects as well as combinations and concrete solutions in accordance with one’s own vision of the home space as an expression of oneself and one’s own vision of conviviality.

“Not only houses but real living spaces – underlines Deborah Zani, CEO of Rubner Haus – We have decided to go further than the realization of the pure housing envelope to offer our customers a unique interlocutor who realizes their home right in the finishes dreams. The word Boutique well represents the mission of this new space: the French term refers to particularly elegant shops where the visitor can express his uniqueness “.

“Among the trends that we see emerging in recent times, – says Lorenzo Stevanin, product manager and visual merchandiser of Rubner Haus – the use of recycled wood should be mentioned. Some oak trees fall and lie for years in the woods where they settle under water in stagnant basins such as swamps and then be recovered, cut and worked by recreating material boiseries with high relief and low relief designs “.

“The concept that inspired us for this space – adds Guto Biazzetto – is a total experience starting from an organic and warm material such as wood, the passion for which our vision of the studio shares the Rubner philosophy. The space itself is a place of sensorial exploration where the visitor can touch, smell, immerse himself in what will be the materials, perfumes, colors and finishes of his home “.

The space develops on two levels for a total of 550 square meters. The telescope effect of the three windows captures the eyes of onlookers towards the interior space. The entrance reinforces the theatricality with a monumental staircase that leads the gaze upwards. On the ground floor, to welcome the visitor, the maxi wooden counter with minimal lines with a luxuriant decorative wall in moss and the Moods area, matching combinations coordinated according to the tastes and personality of the visitor.

Also on the ground floor, the more conceptual area with a double row of spheres that reproduce in colors and species the wide choice of wooden wall coverings, the area dedicated to the choice of windows and the various walls with the libraries that they collect the vast selection of walls, parquet and coverings. From the museum allure, the exhibition of the bathroom, where taps and sanitary ware are exposed as if they were in an art gallery.

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