Salvamac: the power of change

“I have always considered change as an essential element for growth and improvement,” said Christian Salvador, founder of Salvamac, “…and even when everything seems negative, actually there are still opportunities for growth. We believe that dedication combined with ethics and human relations is the only solution. With this corporate and individual philosophy, innovation creates space for new ideas, products and production systems. Innovate, innovate, innovate.”

This is where the flagship of Salvamac’s optimizing saws fits in; the machine equipped with pusher unit “Salvapush 2000” has been enhanced with a brand new software version that allows anyone to operate it very easily. The graphical interface is intuitive, the large touchscreen display offers quick and easy data input, and all electronic components communicate with each other through digital links. The all-digital concept has boosted the communication speed towards external units, so that all processing information can be easily transferred to enterprise management systems. With recent developments in data import via barcode scanning and just-in-time management systems (from order management to finished product), Salvamac offers a unique solution also for “batch one” production operations. The operator can handle single parts very easily, loading each piece after scanning its barcode and entrusting the entire process to the supervisory software.

Besides optimizing saws, recent developments have also involved semi-automatic cross-cutting saws equipped with electronic devices, especially “Salvastop 100”, as evidence of the company’s continuous drive to innovation. “Salvastop 100” is an electronic stop that controls the pushing, stopping and positioning of the profiles to be cut, so you can reduce human errors, avoid waste and decrease labor costs.
With an innovative technological concept, the company has created a new reinforced anodized aluminum beam, with 100×100 mm section and big thickness of the profile edge.

The biggest innovation efforts have been focused on electronics. “We have worked hard to create the exclusive software, very easy to use thanks to an immediately understandable and effective, complete, powerful and flexible graphics. It includes 5 different sections and 2 different modes: “Stop” and “Push”. We are also offering a 7-inch “s-PAD” touch screen, in an excellent position for reading and programming, not forgetting the included and installed Internet tele-service software. And with the new software upgrade, you can import cutting data directly. In addition, a new innovation on the aluminum profile allows Salvastop to reach up to 7000 mm in length and 6400 mm of useful stroke.”

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