Ima Schelling Group will not participate in Ligna 2021

The Ima Schelling group has decided not to participate in the next edition of Ligna 2021. Several factors contributed to this decision, especially the uncertain developments of the pandemic in the coming spring and the consequent restrictions on the organization of fairs and events. “Despite decades of partnership with the fair organizers, we believe impossible to predict reliable planning at this time”, explains Wolfgang Rohner, CEO of Ima Schelling. “For this reason we have opted to take alternative routes in 2021, trying to continue to reach our customers safely“.

For Ima Schelling, fair events are important for the exchange of ideas, but the current conditions led the German group to opt for an open house in the Lübbecke plant, in the previous week in Ligna. A choice dictated by the company’s desire to allow visitors to see a complete production line, physically or “virtually”, but at the same time to pay attention to safety and sanitation.

Special times require special measures and we want to give our customers the best possible experience”, Rohner emphasizes. “We look to the future with optimism. This year many people have had to give up their holidays and have chosen to invest their savings in their apartments and homes. This could have a positive effect on the furniture industry“, concluded the CEO.

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