50 candles for Comec Group

“It’s a major milestone I had never imagined we could reach,” said Lucio Bergamasco, founder of one of the best known and most appreciated specialists worldwide, with a rich catalog of machines, lines and machining centers for solid wood processing. “We are ripening the fruits of many years of dedication, creativity, collaboration, investments: we can say we are a reference for the market, both for standalone machines and for integrated solutions, complex lines even for the most peculiar operations.

This is the result of a period of deep and necessary renovation in the past few years; we have involved new stockholders and invested in a reorganization process that has enabled us to optimize each phase of our process, setting up suitable sites for each business entity: the “mother” company Comec with its “Cnc Wood” and “Technology” divisions; Camam, dedicated to chairs and developing specific solutions for cutting, sanding and automated assembling; and Dlm, the mechanical operations division recently strengthened with the introduction of three new milling-boring machines. We manage every detail of our production flows internally, the entire value chain, from concept to installation, taking care of all tasks we consider strategic to achieve the quality and the effectiveness that have made us appreciated all over the world.
In the past two years, we have invested also in our headquarters – in San Giovanni al Natisone, near Udine – and now we have a new office building; our “Comec Lab” where we can organized demos, tests and remote sales; larger manufacturing areas that have improved our organization… more than 15 thousand square meters of indoor areas where we have installed many things, as mentioned. We expect to grow even this year, consolidating our revenues in the range of 15 million euro and exceeding the current threshold of one hundred employees.”

 “Now, the direction is clear and shared”, added Bergamasco, the president. “I have two vice presidents next to me: Luca Battistella, sales manager, and Franco Braida, engineering and product innovation manager, plus Mauro Bramuzzi, technical manager at Camam. Our strength is an industrial organization that starts from customer relationship, develops through design, construction, wiring, software, where we have invested massively in the recent period, and ends up with the final machine, ready to be used, installed and tested at the customer’s site. I repeat, we have a solid organization but, at the same time, we are as flexible as we need. This strategy has allowed us to develop leading technology also in the door industry: wherever “narrow parts” must be processed, we can help, and in recent years we have recorded the most significant growth in these segments.”

 “The daily focus on customer relationships, the awareness that they have a lot to teach, have given a significant contribution to the success of our group,” added Luca Battistella. “With this attitude, we have become one of very few manufacturers of high-quality tailor-made machinery, high technology combined with custom production, as many of our machines are really special. Of course, we have a wide range of standard solutions, ready to be installed maybe with some customization, but our core business is based on constant discussion with the customer to understand their production, going into details to deliver a tailor-made machine: we visit their working places, we see how things work, we understand their objectives, and then, with our excellent design staff, we find the right answer.

We will keep standardizing our basic “modules” as much as we can, so that we can present an industrial approach, but we will never deny our tailor vocation, our capacity to deliver highly automated integrated plants, also because finding skilled operators or simply young people willing to work in the wood industry is more and more difficult. In the past decade, we have invested in “easy and smart” software, management and control systems typical of an “automated factory”, as this is the most frequent request: an automated process where the operator only needs to load semifinished materials and unload finished parts, machinery and plants fully integrated into the “factory organism”… We are really working hard on these elements, with increasing commitment to meet the peculiar needs of each customer.

We have operations in over fifty countries and a portfolio of more than two thousand customers and 20 thousand installed machines: we have driven our growth, built a network of relations that support our business in many countries and allow us to look at the future with confidence. We have also strengthened our “Comec Lab”, now we can execute demos, tests (both live and online), possibly on parts shipped by a customer just the day before!”.

 “When we decided to manufacture machines for the “chair district”, the region where we were born in 1970, we could not imagine we would achieve such results”, Lucio Bergamasco concluded. “We have never stopped and we have diversified our offer, expanding our expertise and experience into other domains, opening new directions and getting into new markets, approaching different customers who have encouraged us to develop a huge range of machines. Now we can say that, when it comes to complex operations on solid wood, whatever it is, we are always included in the short list of candidate suppliers. And let me tell you we are normally in the top positions!”

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