Siempelkamp for Vmg: new plant in Akmene

On 4 September, the inauguration ceremony of the third chipboard plant created by Siempelkamp for Vmg, one of the main players responsible for the positive development of production capacity in the Baltic States and adjacent countries, took place in Akmene, northern Lithuania. which in the future will also supply other Lithuanian manufacturers with raw particle board.

Due to the health situation and the difficulty in traveling due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, a delegation from Siempelkamp could not be present at the inauguration. “We regret that we are unable to personally celebrate this milestone. In these challenging times, we are proud that we have been able to support Vmg, now for the third time, with our plant technology – and thus contribute to the fact that in Akmene one of the world’s most modern, most economical and most sustainable particle board plants is going into production“, said Ulrich Kaiser, Head of Sales Wood Division at Siempelkamp.

The strength of this new plant, according to the German group, will be efficiency, both of resources and energy. Indeed, the production spectrum is equipped with a specially developed thin panel package that enables profitable production starting from a thickness of 3 millimeters. In addition, an innovative gluing technology is used for glue systems with a low (or even free) content of formaldehyde. The heart of the plant is a continuous press “ContiRoll® generation 9” for chipboard panels and the daily production capacity is two thousand cubic meters.

Vmg is the first Siempelkamp customer to commission an innovation: a “RoundTrack®” trolley, which moves the knife rings between the “Pallmann” ring chipper and the sharpening robot. This new solution allows the transport of large rings for knives in greater safety, thanks to its load capacity of over 2 tons and greater efficiency in the high-performance system.

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