“DistanceCheck” and “Ortm”: anti-pandemic solutions

Staying away to reduce risks and limit contacts so as not to return to the nightmare of mid-March are the key points of the post-pandemic restart, a “start over” that forces companies to take additional precautions in order to ensure the safety of workers. From these assumptions, “DistanceCheck” and “Ortm“, the new products that the Filippetti Group has created to support the industries in this difficult restart.

Keeping your distance seems like a simple concept, but in the workplace it can be really complicated, thanks to tiredness and concentration on the activity performed. “DistanceCheck” is the solution designed by the Italian Group to keep distances under control and avoid possible gatherings, by monitoring the time spent by employees in the various places of the company, thanks to the integration of high-precision localization devices worn by workers , with a centralized platform for the collection and monitoring of data, which are traced in a strictly anonymous form. If the distance between workers were to be less than that entered in the parameters, the device worn by the worker would emit an alarm signal that is automatically deactivated once the safety measure is re-established. Furthermore, with data tracking it would be possible to reconstruct the interactions of the staff in the event of any positivity, making preventive isolation and slowing the spread of the virus much easier.

On the one hand, social distancing, on the other, the accurate control of the employee’s health. If “DistanceCheck” helps to keep the distance, “Ortm” (Operators Remote Temperature Monitoring) will help companies to monitor the body temperature of employees at the entrance and exit, both indoors and outdoors, giving a strong help in containing the propagation outbreak thanks to this timely and real-time investigation. “Ortm” is based on a double thermal detection sensor, with video recording functions and an artificial intelligence that processes the videos in real time. Passing through a pre-established gate with a distance of four meters between one person and another allows the sensors to detect the temperature of 30 people simultaneously, identifying who exceeds the permitted threshold and generating an alarm that alerts both the worker and the person in charge of the safety, allowing rapid isolation.

Safe distance, social isolation, prevention. The cards we have to play in the near future to be able to slowly return to the much desired normality, waiting for a definitive solution.

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