Egger: first plant in Usa

After two intense years of construction, Egger opened its first wood-based materials plant in the United States in Lexington, North Carolina. An important step and a strong economic investment (about 440 million euros) that highlight Egger’s commitment and desire to continue expanding on the North American market as well.

This new headquarters, the twentieth of the group, designed and built using state-of-the-art and environmentally conscious technology, will create 400 new jobs and will have an annual capacity of up to 650,000 cubic meters of raw particle board, most of which will be finished with decorative surfaces.

It is another historical milestone in the history of the Egger family business. We are very proud that we are able to start up our 20th plant in Lexington“, announced Walter Schiegl, Egger Group Management Production & Technology. “With our new plant in Lexington, NC, we will now also become a local producer and reliable partner in North America. This enables us to ensure continuous product availability and increase delivery speed”.

A strategic choice, to open the first US plant in North Carolina, which has its roots in the long tradition of this East Coast state in the production of furniture, also thanks to the ease in the supply of resources, in particular the wood.

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