Particleboard production line for Guangxi Xiangsheng made by Siempelkamp

Guangxi Xiangsheng, Jiangsu Shuntian International Group and Siempelkamp officially signed an equipment purchase agreement. The agreement includes the production line with an annual output of 300,000 m³ line for Guangxi Xiangsheng.

The plant includes Siempelkamp’s universal flaker, a competitive technological milestone. The new ultimate flaking process developed by Siempelkamp, being one of the key factors for the customer’s decision, makes it possible to use more economic wood assortments, while still producing superior flake quality that results in excellent board quality. Boards made from these flakes are characterized by superior mechanical properties and a low weight. This process allows the usage of smaller log diameters below 80 mm and other wood assortments that would not be suitable in the traditional two-stage-process with knife ring flakers and therefore increase the overall feasibility and economics of the board production with respect to energy and wood. Additionally it is a contribution is also made to an increased ecological board production, because locally available wood can be processed, limiting transport distances for raw materials. This allows full use to be made of the superior forest resources in Chongzou area of Guanxi, Sino-Vietnam border area and Paiyangshan forest farm, Xiangsheng company’s controlling shareholder.

Another focus is set on the goal of producing environmentally friendly wood-based panel products. The formaldehyde free home decoration has become the biggest demand of consumers in China. The most significant feature of the new production line is that the whole line will follow the concept of “formaldehyde free production and environmental protection”. The overall concept is committed to producing high-end, formaldehyde free and environmentally friendly wood-based panel products.

“Trendsetting cooperation”

Mr. Lubomir Avramov, General Manager of Siempelkamp (Qingdao) Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd., thanked Xiangsheng Company for its trust and support on behalf of Siempelkamp. He pointed out that the signing is only the beginning of the trendsetting cooperation between two sides. With Siempelkamp’s technology, equipment and talents support as a guarantee, Siempelkamp made sufficient preparations for the cooperation to be started soon.

Siempelkamp will provide the process design and engineering technical guidance for the whole production line, and also provide the core equipment, including the universal flaker, strander, dryer, drum screen, hammer mill, oscillating screen, blender, forming and press line and trimming/crosscutting equipment. The plant includes a ContiRoll® Generation 9 with a length of approx. 40 meters and a width of 8,5 ft (2.8 meters). Equipped with five forming heads, it offers the production capability of OSB, light OSB, fine surface OSB and load-bearing special purpose OSB. This wide variety of board types furthermore underlines the recent trends and the local market requirements of hybrid boards and increased production flexibility.

Xiangsheng has been in the particleboard industry for over eight years and the additional annual output of 300,000 m³ high bending strength particleboard at the new plant represents an important decision made by Xiangsheng to adapt to the market demand, focus on the goal of making the main business bigger and stronger, and harmonizing with local industrial development planning. The first board will be completed and produced by the end of September 2021.

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