“Combi”: the innovative abrasive belts by Lba

Lba — a company based near Treviso that has been designing and manufacturing innovative abrasive systems for specific applications in the sectors of wood, metal and glass for over 35 years — has since 2018 become part of the Napoleon group, one of the leaders in the production of abrasives, thus experiencing a period of strong international expansion.

Among the various products that have allowed the company to make the leap and make itself known abroad, the “Combi” line stands out, the flagship of Lba. “Combi” is a range of products created ten years ago to meet the ever increasing production needs of customers who deal with the production of semi-finished and finished products in the world of wood and metal.

Recently, thanks to the combination of Lba’s technical team and Napoleon’s research and development team, the company presented the new abrasive of the “High Tech” series and the latest addition to the Combi family: the new “Combi Segmented”, designed for the processes present in all manufacturers of chipboard panels, mdf, hdf and obs. These new “made in Lba” products – thanks to the resistance to stress, the high performance of its resins and the new resins – ensure that the consistency of sanding and the final quality of the product are a step above traditional paper or combined products. canvas/paper. With four colors and five products available, which can be supplied in any height up to 1,640 mm with a joint, it is possible to manage many applications in the most diverse application sectors from the P80 to P1500 grit, creating undoubted advantages for the user.

Among the main advantages of the “Combi” range is the resistance of the product obtained thanks to the presence of an additional layer of PET film laminated with velcro or paper which gives the tape greater flexibility and resistance to bending and tearing. This allows to withstand the stresses deriving from the machining pressures without undergoing deformations and without compromising the finishing results, thus also reducing the risk of breakage during insertion operations. Furthermore, the belt remains flat and free of depressions in any humidity condition, allowing a homogeneous distribution of the abrasive granule and a perfect adherence of the same to the support, improving stability.
The support in PET film laminated with velcro or paper are supported by other fundamental components such as high-tech minerals with “self-reviving” properties and coolant additives that delay early clogging of the tape and limit the risk of burns even in the case of heavy machining, improving consistency.
The absence of excess thicknesses in the belt joint area, on the other hand, minimizes the sanding defects typical of a traditional belt with paper or PET film backing, improving the quality of the final product. All this allows to improve the durability standards compared to a traditional product, guaranteeing an excellent finishing result.


CVP06 COMBI” Paper: Calibration and Sanding from P80 to P180 of mdf and chipboard

CVP03 COMBI” Paper: P80 to P180 grading of veneer and solid wood.

CVP02 COMBI” Paper: Intermediate sanding and finishing from P120 to P1200 of mdf, pes and melamine

CBP04 COMBI” “All Black” Paper: Intermediate sanding and finishing from P180 to P600 of Pur, Acrylic grapes

CVP02 COMBI” Velcro: Intermediate sanding and finishing from P120 to P1200 of mdf, pes and melamine

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