Interactive Virtual Showroom: the “3D Revolution” by Essetre

Essetre, the Italian company recently awarded by Deloitte among the 59 Italian excellences, launches the first Interactive Virtual Showroom dedicated to woodworking centers. This is a unique immersive experience, to ” describe” all the technology of the production lines, together with the scenographic impact of all the possible architectural applications.

From now on, however, it will also be possible to take a digital look in many other directions: the company announces the first Interactive Virtual Showroom dedicated to working centres for wood carpentry. A 3D visual communication project which will transform the presentation of all the production lines into a real immersive experience, so as to capture the observer in an “increased” exhibition space where international dealers and customers could really have access to the heart of Essetre technology.

In this new dimension it will be possible to appreciate every machine from any angle or distance, as if it were really in front of your eyes, but with much more information. Thanks to any kind of multimedia content, easily accessible through a few clicks, details and technical specifications will no longer have secrets. In the background, the scenographic effect of the great architectural realizations made possible by the technology of Essetre’s working centres. This will make the multidimensional experience truly complete, conveying with immediate impact all the creative and applicable potential of the most innovative woodworking.

This experience is not only virtual: the inspiration for some of the installations was chosen from the real world, with wooden elements produced with the Essetre’s working centres. These include, for instance, the Japan pavilion proposed for Milan Expo 2015, whose facade was made with a combination of over 22,000 pieces of Japanese larch wood. In conclusion, Essetre’s Virtual Showroom was designed to radically change the point of view: from now on, it is the environment which makes more than ” real” what the machine can do.

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