MVT – Mion Ventoltermica: between future and sustainability


More than fifty years of history and a future built on targeted investments with a focus on sustainability.

In business for over 50 years, MVT – Mion Ventoltermica is a reference in systems for air suction and filtering, biomass and waste treatment, offering high-tech 4.0 solutions, very innovative and optimized for the production needs of each customer.
The suction systems designed, built and installed by the company based in Maserada sul Piave, a few kilometers outside Treviso, increase the health and safety of working environments, improve air quality, while allowing to recycle processing waste or scraps and achieve energy saving in operating costs.

The plants built by the Italian company – combining high efficiency with the ability to meet customer requirements – are high-quality, next-generation solutions and comply with the Italian digital transformation plan Piano Transizione 4.0 (Industria 4.0), giving access to tax credits. The systems feature a simple and intuitive human-machine interface, allowing to control all operations automatically in real time, implement an optimized management (also remotely) of production cycles and the continuous monitoring of working conditions and parameters, notifying possible failures or anomalies. The plant can also be connected to the enterprise management systems to speed up operations and improve business organization.

With the systems by MVT – Mion Ventoltermica, dust, chips, plastics, fumes, solvents and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are immediately captured at the source and properly filtered. In case of potentially explosive dust, the Treviso-based company also builds Atex-compliant systems, featuring suitable devices and mechanisms. They also implement circular economy solutions to be applied in industrial facilities to achieve environmental sustainability.

MVT – Mion Ventoltermica technology to transform waste into COMPOST and RDF

We process dusty materials, from inert substances to plastics, from wood to metal powder. Wherever you can find hazardous dust for human health or the environment, or explosion risks, we are ready to offer our experience. When you need to capture, treat and store dust, we can help you effectively: we conceive, design and build everything you need, from mechanical equipment to control and management systems, meeting any filtering need,” said Paolo Mion, general manager at MVT – Mion Ventoltermica. Besides our experience in air suction, we have developed increasing expertise in system logistics: we can take care of handling and processing dust once it has been separated from air… some powders are also raw materials that can be reused.
Our activity started in the wood industry, with suction plants, but also with furnace feeding systems, incineration and cogeneration, then expanding to plants that can solve a wide range of problems in multiple industries.”

Innovative, high-tech plants, developed in line with customer requirements at every stage, from feasibility analysis to design, from construction to installation, up to after-sales service. The Treviso-based company has also created prototypes to streamline and optimize production operations and to meet their customer requirements with a unified approach.
They are focused on the environment and willing to help safeguard it in different areas. The company has been involved for years in the processing of biomass for energy production and in waste treatment, offering plants to recycle and/or transform waste into fuel for energy purposes, reducing emissions and environmental impact.

Biomass treatment and energy recovery plant.

With the advanced technology by MVT – Mion Ventoltermica, organic waste is turned into compost and municipal solid waste into RDF (Refuse derived Fuel), with high heating power.
A performing and efficient system, that gives new life to waste and eliminates bad smell through dedicated exhaust air treatment units. The whole process is controlled and optimized through software that can be operated remotely from any device.
MVT – Mion Ventoltermica has also developed and tested several waste aeraulic separation systems, including the latest innovation EOLO. These solutions allow to sort and reuse non-recyclable materials for energy purposes.

Dust extraction and filtration system.

Although 2020 was not an easy year, the company has sticked to its investment plan, focusing on new growth opportunities, such as the internal adoption of the Industry 4.0 enterprise management system that improves production operations, streamlines logistic operations, material flow tracing and industrial automation, to provide customers with an even more timely, accurate and optimized service.
This significant project – embracing design, production, warehouse, construction site management and logistics on one IT platform – adds to the expansion of the factory, warehouse and logistic areas and to the purchase of new high-tech machinery, finalized in the past 24 months.

Such actions and investments translate into a positive approach and prompt response to the global destination market that keeps growing.
We make new plants and machines every day said Paolo Mion – and our solutions and technologies are requested by companies all over the world, who appreciate Italian ingenuity, made-in-Italy quality and care for details. Just like we have expanded our focus from wood to the environment, today we keep looking around to find new opportunities and interesting projects to keep growing and improving”.

In business since 1968, MVT – Mion Ventoltermica in Maserada sul Piave, few kilometers from Treviso (Italy), specialized in the design, construction and installation of air suction and filtering systems for dust, fumes, exhalations and VOC, as well as dedicated plants for biomass and waste treatment.
So far, the company has delivered over 5,000 plants and installations to more than 30 countries around the world, serving over 2,700 customers, closing several international partnerships and relying on a qualified and expert team of 80+ people.

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