Henrik Tjaeby won Felderchallenge 2021

Henrik Tjaeby from Spain won over the judges with his woven chair and is now delighted to have a brand-new Hammer cnc portal milling machine “Hnc 47.82“. More than 1,500 exciting DIY projects were submitted by do-it-yourselfers from more than 51 countries for the new version of the #felderchallenge.

It was extremely challenging to choose between the 1,500 projects submitted as the standard of all contributions was very high. We welcomed every single project and were excited to see how the community supported each other and especially how they motivated each other“, cmo Tamara Felder concluded about the #felderchallenge 2021.

Tim Morend from Switzerland took second place with his camping vehicle structure and will soon be the owner of a new Felder bandsaw “Fb 510“. Third place was awarded to the musical project by Johann Pascher from Austria: with his olive-wood Styrian harmonica, he managed to snatch up a Felder “ForKa 200 eco plus” manual edgebander.

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