Speed, accuracy and quality: Locatelli Macchine for Carl Hansen

A new fully automated “line” to reduce time and optimize costs. A goal that Carl Hansen & Son, the well-known Danish furniture manufacturer, have achieved thanks to Locatelli Macchine, the Bergamo-based company specialized in wood turning machines.

Accuracy, efficiency and speed. Three words that, combined, have only one meaning: high quality workmanship. The fruitful collaboration between Locatelli Macchine,a well-known brand in the woodworking sector, and Carl Hansen & Son, the famous Danish furniture manufacturer, is based on these solid and robust foundations, two adjectives that, in the world of woodworking (and not only) make the difference. Such cooperation has been going on for some time and this time it aimed to satisfy a new need of the Danish company: to be able to make up for the lack of manpower, one of the problems that in the last decade has become increasingly accentuated.

With Carl Hansen – said Fulvia Locatelli, who together with his brother Domenico represents the third generation of the Treviolo company, a few kilometers from Bergamo – we have been collaborating for almost five years. In 2017, we supplied two numerical control machines for the production of high-quality chair legs. Two advanced machines that operated separately. This time, however, the request was more accurate: they needed two machines that worked synergistically, in order to make up for what is becoming a widespread problem in Europe and beyond, namely the difficulty in finding labor. So, thanks also to the support of Osai Computer Numerical Control and T.F.A Technologies for Automation, we were able to design a solution that could meet their needs”.

As I said, Carl Hansen’s needs were clear: to be able to speed up production, thus optimizing time and costs. What we did was put them in a position to achieve his goal. We provided them with a “Multimatik S Cnc” and an “Orientalmatik Cnc” which, with the help of the “Ur10ecobot, a collaborative robot from Universal Robot, can turn and sand the pieces in 14 seconds.
This obviously brings great advantages, both in terms of time as you can imagine, and in terms of quality, minimizing the risk of downtime, idle time or even human error. In addition, with the Alphacam turning application specifically designed for us, being able to import both 3D and 2D files, it is really simple for the operator to manage multi-axis machining both in turning and in engraving and milling. Once the interactive drawing with splines and geometries and the processing parameters have been inserted thanks to a dedicated graphic interface… the machine does it all”.

A far-reaching project that involved “many heads”. How long did it take from design to production?

It was not an easy project, it took a few months. We started in October and finished in May. The difficulties were due to various factors, first of all the health situation that did not facilitate traveling, but we did not surrender, and today I can honestly say that we are satisfied with the result achieved and, more importantly, the customer is satisfied”.

Are you also following the company after sales?

Sure, the focus on customer care is one of our strengths. We have continued to dialogue with the customer, trying to get useful feedback to understand if everything was proceeding in the correct way, so as to understand whether it was necessary to take additional measures, but there were no problems. We have recently visited them and I must say that it was a pleasure to see our machines work so well.
Especially considering the complexity of the project and the critical moment. In the last year, the orders and our amount of work have increased, but we have never changed our philosophy, our way of working. We are famous for the quality of our machines and, also for this reason, we certainly cannot provide machinery that does not comply with high quality standards”. 

Orders and work were not stopped even by the emergency…

“Like everyone else, we have been affected by the pandemic and its constraints, especially during the months of last year’s lockdown, but we can honestly say that we are satisfied with how this two-year period has gone. We have many orders, many projects in progress and many more in the pipeline. I hope that next year we will be able to raise the bar further, always maintaining our Bergamo-style approach, an approach to life and work that is based on solid foundations, which follows a philosophy of life and business based on keeping your feet on the ground and taking one step at a time”.

How can you innovate in a sector as specialized as yours?

We work in a sector that we could define as niche. And in a sector like ours it is not easy to innovate. Of course, we always try to create new solutions, but we must admit that great innovation is always made according to the needs of the customer, to meet his needs. Once a customer makes us aware of a need, we commit to solve it, creating new solutions, making the most of all our know-how to succeed.
We are always looking for new ideas, new solutions, we never stand still. To give you an example, next year, during the next edition of Xylexpo (the international biennial exhibition of woodworking technology, scheduled at FieraMilano Rho from 12 to 15 October 2022, ed.) we will introduce a completely new machine for turning applications. We already have the name in mind, but for now we keep it to ourselves…”.

Innovation and future based on a long company history. What is Locatelli Macchine today, in 2021?

Today we are a small historical business in the sector. Those who work with wood, those who deal mainly with turning wood, cannot fail to know us. We are known as specialists in the field, a brand that is synonymous with quality. And it is precisely this constant search for quality that has led us to be recognized all over the world, both in Italy and abroad, where they particularly appreciate our solutions. Figures speak for themselves, after all: 98 percent of what we produce is exported…

These achievements are the result of our history. Locatelli Macchine was created by my grandfather, who from a small mountain village gave life to this adventure that has been going on for almost sixty years now. The history of the company is a bit like the story of our family, of the generations that have taken turns at the helm. First my grandfather, then my father, and today me and my brother Domenico. I am in charge for sales, he is more focused on the technical part, but we both have the same values. We believe in hard work, we believe in our resources and we believe in our product”.

“We always move forward. In 2018 we decided to invest in a new location. Today we work in a niche of the sector and, over the years, we have chosen to specialize more and more, in what is no longer just a job – Fulvia Locatelli concluded – but it is our way of being and it is our passion…”.

Passion is the keyword. Because you cannot you approach the milestone of sixty years in business without making your work your passion. And in Treviolo they know very well…

by Francesco Inverso

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