Siempelkamp: new plants in Vietnam!

Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company, based in Phu Tho, is an experienced player in the wood-based panel industry with excellent networks within the sector. It was therefore an obvious step to enter into the production of wood-based panels in parallel to trading in them. Here, the Vietnamese company decided to cooperate with Siempelkamp, last but not least due to the excellent reputation of its new German partner in the Southeast Asian market. Mekong Wood will mainly use acacia and eucalyptus as raw material.
The heart of the new factory will be a forming and press line with “ContiRoll” in the 8′ x 47.1 m format with “Neo” press infeed. This special infeed geometry is designed to process acacia; the extended, highly flexible infeed heating plate facilitates deaeration of the mat and prevents blowouts and steel belt damage even at high production speeds. Plant availability, capacity and operational reliability can be significantly increased with this plant design.

The plant will be designed for an annual production capacity of over 400,000 m³, which will be supplied mainly to the furniture industry. The thickness range for these boards is focused on 15 to 17 millimeters, with a possible spectrum of 3.5 to 32 millimeters.
“This order is a compliment to our commitment to introduce press concepts for processing the most demanding raw materials extremely successfully to the market. We are pleased to accompany Mekong Wood’s entry into board production – and to follow up our good reputation with another excellent performance“, says Marc Müller, Head of Commercial Sales at Siempelkamp.

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