Saib wins the “Compasso d’Oro Award” with its “Ostuni” finish

“This year the Compasso d’oro has been won by waste”. This is the slogan chosen by Saib to announce the prestigious acknowledgement that was granted for its “Ostuni” finish by the international jury of the XXVII Adi Compasso d’oro Award.
We produce the future by recycling thousands of tonnes of wood waste because we are committed to the environment and we fulfil this commitment with passion“, says Clara Conti from Saib. “That same passion is visible in our “Ostuni” finish, which was awarded the most prestigious award in the field of industrial design”.

Material and versatile, “Ostuni” is a finish that can convey the artisanal warmth of the handmade product with a surface inspired by the lime and brushed plasters typical of the historic town centres in the Mediterranean region. The finish includes evocative and refined textures mixing glossy and matt effects, providing pleasantness to the touch and elegance to the eye. The high aesthetic yield of Saib panels is combined with a sustainable production process based on the recovery, reuse, and regeneration of end-of-life wood. 

A true forerunner in all issues concerning sustainability, in 1994 Saib began its conversion towards a completely sustainable production by introducing the “Rewood” process, which uses end-of-life wood for the production of eco-friendly panels defined as “Rpb” (Regenerated Particle Board) thanks to an industrial system based on the principles of circular economy. Solidly managed by the same family for decades, today Saib regenerates around 600 thousands tonnes of wood from waste sorting per year and is constantly investing in innovation, which the company sees as a key factor for sustainable development and for a faster transition towards low-impact production models, because as Clara Conti from Saib underlines: “You cannot create beauty without sustainability”.

The Adi Design Museum will host the exhibition with all the products competing in the XXVII edition of the Award. The exhibition will be open to the public until 11 September 2022. The items that have been awarded the Compasso d’oro Award and Honourable Mention will be incorporated into the Adi Compasso d’oro Collection, which was declared to be of “exceptional artistic and historical interest” by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities on 22 April 2004.

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