33.Bi-Mu, Xylexpo and Viscom Italia together to create new business opportunities

33.Bi-Mu international biennial exhibition of machine tools, robotics and automation systems, additive manufacturing, digital and auxiliary technologies. Plus Xylexpo, biennial exhibition of woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry. Along with Viscom Italia, Europe’s leading visual communication trade fair, all kick off concurrently on the second week of October 2022 at Rho-fieramilano expo centre.

The fully integrated Bi-Mu and Xylexpo events, start Wednesday, Oct. 12 until Saturday, Oct. 15; Viscom Italia takes the stage Thursday, Oct. 13 until Saturday, Oct. 15, in Halls 8/12. 

The organizers’ decision to co-ordinate the over-lap of their event calendars, matches perfectly to give fair participants’ the chance to grab all the opportunities available, giving visitors the possibility to participate simultaneously at all three events.

In a scenario that has highlighted the need for greater dialogue and the desire to once more come together to discover the latest sector innovations – being fully aware, that only innovation is the key to bringing the market back to life again, access to one event opens the doors to the other events. Thanks to the three organizers’ joint decision, it is as simple as pre-registering at the reception desk.

A choice that will permit exhibitors to boost potential visitor numbers. Enable visitors to round off their fair experience, by not only visiting their exhibit of interest but also giving them the opportunity to check out the other events at the same time. Offering all participants the chance to enjoy a more lively and vibrant fair atmosphere and get better over-all general services, enhanced by the three-way event organisation.

“Viscom Italia is a great opportunity for all companies wishing to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and experience innovative technological solutions in the field of digital printing, engraving/laser, screen printing, embroidery, interior decoration and visual merchandising,” comments Massimiliano Pierini, Reed Italia Exhibition’s Managing Director. “Bi-Mu and Xylexpo exhibitors and visitors will indeed be inspired by the countless sustainable applications and materials to create new products and communication models with high visual impact.”

Riccardo Gaslini, head of the organizing secretariat of Bi-Mu, organized by Efim, said, “Bi-Mu and Xylexpo have been working together for two years now to offer both event participants a comprehensive and rewarding visiting experience. This is why we co-ordinated the total permeability of the two Instrumental Mechanics exhibitions. Joined by Viscom Italia, it will certainly help attract greater visitor numbers, benefiting everybody participating at the fair. As trade fair organizers, we are highly aware that the over-lapping events will help make the district more lively and vibrant, and a big plus thanks to the enhanced services provided by Rho-fieramilano to meet the needs of the larger number of operators in each of the halls.”

“We are living in a period of great transformation where it is necessary to be a bit more daring and strive to make new choices,” added Dario Corbetta, director of Xylexpo. “The up-coming exhibition highlights the will of the entire wood and derivative technology protagonists to experience a new way to come together, seizing all the opportunities of a new age where production processes are becoming increasingly transversal and the search for solutions can be extended into “neighbouring worlds.” This also applies to digital printing, currently an ever increasing new trend in furniture and surface finishings.”

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