Xylexpo preview: Sistemi Klein, new blades, new targets!

Sistemi, an Italian company with more than 40 years of experience in the woodworking, aluminum and plastic tool manufacturing industry, produces, distributes and exports its products to more than 60 countries all over the world. Through its brand Klein, which is synonymous of high quality and reliability, distinguishes itself from the competitors, by offering high quality and professional products for craftsmen as well as solid carbide bits, carbide-tipped sawblades, chucks and collets for cnc machining centers, bits for automatic boring machines, planer knives, measuring instruments and special accessories for furniture industry and window and door framers.

The latest innovation is “KleinDIA“, the special dlc anti-friction coating developed by Sistemi for large-scale production which solve problems of tool abrasion, overheating, chip evacuation and chemical attack on chipboard panels and solid wood. Thanks to a very low friction coefficient, plastic and aluminium working are also improved and can be effected without coolant. “KleinDIA” coating is thought for large-scale production and solves the problem of chip ejection, ensuring a longer tool lifetime. A less number of resharpening (lower maintenance costs) and the relative time savings, ensure an increased productivity to your facility. We now offer also coated solid carbide drill bits for extra performance on multiboring machines, the “XtraBore“. Life time is increased up to 4 times compared to the same uncoated bits and up to 9 times compared to standard dowel drills. They have been tested for 8 months working on melamine panels with the incredible result of 150.000 bores with no downtime! Suitable for working every kind of wood, particle boards and laminates. Particularly suitable when working abrasive material, mdf, hpl and “Trespa”.

The new Klein “XtraCut” saw blades have been developed to take cutting experience to the next level. Bores and keyways are honed with laser cuts to ensure maximum precision (h7). No-noise and less vibration thanks to a special synthetic resin filled in the silent slots which have been cut with a distinct geometry. Stability is increased and vibrations are reduced. Tensioning and balancing are operated with automatic machines for maximum performance, superior blade flatness extended lifetime and exceptional finishing results. Carbide tips original Ceratizit micrograin carbide last longer with sharp edge, ensuring up to 30 percent longer lifetime. “Klein “XtraCut” is the solution for every need, ideal for cutting veneered and laminates, mdf, particle board and plastic laminates, pvc, hpl, aluminium and alucobond“, commented the company on press release.

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