Incomac: tailor-made solutions for green drying

Incomac doesn’t want to be just a business specializing in designing, installing, and testing kilns for drying, heat-treating and steaming wood. Incomac is a tech-company that builds customized and high-tech solutions with the lowest environmental impact”, Livio Torresan stated, Managing Director of the Italian company based in Montebelluna (TV), Italy.

To this end, Incomac has undertaken a renewal process that led the company to invest considerably in training, research and development, and new high-qualified personnel. With more than 10.000 kilns installed in 95 countries, 1.000 of them in Italy, Incomac speaks 6 languages and engages dozens of consolidated partners abroad to reach and support even the farthest customer.

MAC_Hybrid line and turnkey customized kilns
The MAC_Hybrid kiln line, made official in 2022, allows the customer to carry out a combined drying process with heat pump and boiler, using electricity and a small amount of thermal energy. This line brings significant benefits to the user, such as a reduction of emissions into the atmosphere up to 50% and a reduction of thermal energy consumption up to 30%. MAC_Hybrid kilns also allow for money savings since they are not powered with fossil fuels. Incomac also offers full electric condensation drying kilns with heat pump and high coefficient of performance (COP), conventional kilns powered with boiler and conventional kilns powered by viscous dissipation. Moreover, with Incomac kilns you can treat any type of wood, pallets included (up to 4000 pallets/cycle), food, tobacco, industrial materials, and more. Incomac solutions can also be completely turnkey and customized based on the customer’s needs.

Solutions for energy recovery and green drying
Drying kilns are high energy-consuming machines by their nature”, Stefano Tura said, Incomac Manager responsible for the Italian market. “Thanks to specific technologies and different solutions, here in Incomac we can guarantee a thermal energy recovery up to 30% with our Active Heat Recovery Systems and an electrical energy recovery up to 50% with specific software of our control systems. We also contribute to reducing emissions into the atmosphere, with our new MAC_Hybrid kilns for example, which are only the tip of the iceberg in relation to what we are doing in terms of sustainability.”

Incomac: not just products

Almost 50 years of experience and high technological expertise allow Incomac to offer to customers the Inco+ services package, making teams of professionals and experts available to take charge of training activities, predictive maintenance, remote support, regeneration of any kilns for the drying or heat-treating and system integration with electrical and thermal power systems. Full support in every project phase is guaranteed.

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