“EgtCAM5 WOOD”: Egalware’s cad/cam software

Egalware, the Italian company specialized in software for woodworking machinery, has introduced “EgtCAM5 WOOD,” the cad/cam software.

“EgtCAM5 WOOD” is Egalware’s product dedicated to the design and machining of wood parts, having generic geometry, both 2D and 3D, which are to be made by machining on machines from 3 to 5 axes, even going so far as to manage machines with several independent heads working simultaneously.

The core of this cad/cam is fifth generation: fast and reliable, accurate but above all modern, capable of taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by the latest technologies. “The Egalware philosophy focuses on ease of use for the consumer: comprehensive interfaces for even the most complex but user-friendly features allow all tasks to be performed quickly and reduce learning time. The goal is to simplify the workflow for the user, thanks in part to the built-in scripting language that allows recurring tasks to be automated“.

In fact, “EgtCAM5 WOOD” enables the machining of general wood pieces from chairs to custom license plates, from doors to texturing, panels, from stair pieces to more elaborate surfaces.
A great strength of our software is versatility!”. With “EgtCAM5 WOOD” it is possible to import and machine both 2D and 3D geometries, from standard dxf, stl, STEP, png or jpg formats, to CNC machining center-specific formats such as cnc, mpf or xpi.

Within the program, for each geometry or surface to be made, it is possible to choose a different machining strategy, the tool to be used and possibly customize its parameters. Thanks to the 3d model and post-processor made to measure for the specific machine, the program shows a simulation of the machining true to reality, with the possibility, by enabling virtual milling, to verify what the finished part will look like.
EgtCAM5 WOOD”, like all the software that makes up our offer, is natively prepared for integration with existing production lines and information systems in use. We offer specific solutions dedicated to the management of part traceability, from raw materials to finished
product via production logistics… In this way it is possible to order and organize workloads within the company, avoiding raw material shortages, waste and production delays“.

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