Here’s the new “Greda Lab”!

Greda has inaugurated the brand new showroom, representing the final step of the renovation and expansion of their engineering and manufacturing facilities. We took the opportunity to interview Marianna Daschini, ceo of the company.

It’s the icing on the cake. Since Greda – specializing in the design and construction of tailor-made working centers – moved into the new premises, the company has never stopped investing to make the place bigger, more efficient and, why not, more beautiful!
We loved to come back a few years later to Mariano Comense, to see the bigger space now available for production departments, the new warehouse, the new showroom… All of this with an organization, logistics and care for details that have really impressed us.

“Today, we are not just inaugurating the new showroom, we are also celebrating a major milestone, having completed massive works that have resulted into an area of 10 thousand square meters for our operations,” said Marianna Daschini, ceo and owner of the company together with her brother Piero Daschini, engineering and production manager.

“At last, we have room for expansion, a place where our customers can see their numerical control working centers in operation before they are installed in their factories, suitable offices for our organization, and most of all, a room where we can meet university professors, influencers and industry experts, teenagers and students from all school grades.
We have a strong focus on education and relationships with academic institutions. On one hand, our industry suffers like many others from a lack of interest among young generations. It’s hard to attract them. On the other, the pandemic emergency had a very negative impact on young people, who – more than ever – need stimulations, confrontation, the possibility to meet new, different people who show how many opportunities they have and they must seize in their future life.
We have been collaborating for a long time with local schools and institutes, because we believe it is essential to collaborate, to find a meeting place for businesses, academia and young people searching for their place in this big world.
At Greda, we believe that a company should promote culture, launch messages beyond the “economic sphere” to foster the development of the entire social community.
We organize training initiatives for the students of local schools and in-depth information days for partners and customers, with some of them coming from the other end of the world, that’s amazing. There is much hunger for knowledge and a “desire to meet” that we support with no hesitation”.

… and what about the market?
“The market has its own logic: for a few months now, we have heard about an impending crisis, but despite minor reductions due to the excellent results of recent times, we have a solid book of orders. We must say that, in recent years, we have seen a selection that has rewarded the most efficient and reliable companies.
The real problem we are still facing is the scarcity of components and raw materials, the speculation of energy prices and an enduring lack of labor, not to mention wars and conflicts.
We will continue our growth and we are confident we can repeat the same results of 2022, namely a 25 percent increase of revenues, a trend we can support thanks to massive organization efforts. Today, Greda has approximately forty employees guided by a new general manager, as we made the decision to switch from a family-run business to a manager-driven organization, to look at new horizons…”.

… despite the fact that the company is run by two persons, you and your brother Piero, who are young, competent and dynamic?
“Exactly, that’s because the vision and daily business of a company that wants to be successful cannot be entrusted to entrepreneurs only: my brother Piero and I have decided to diversify, to work in other industries, to adopt new organization models. It’s a real revolution that has involved our sales organization, has launched a catalog of technological solutions for the sector of aluminum and advanced materials, has opened the doors to a more digital approach to being a “global business”. All of this without forgetting who we are, specialists of five-axis working centers, and continuing to design new solutions, some of which will be show at exhibitions and in our Greda Lab in the coming months.
At the same time, we have streamlined and optimized our production processes, complementing our vocation for “special” machines with a range of standard models, our battle horses “Poker”, “Diva”, “Mitika” and “Sprinter”.
To do this, you need energy, a bigger team, new and diverse skills. Growing, getting bigger requires hard work, constant attention to flexibility, agile and reactive management and sales organization”.

… without forgetting wood…
“Absolutely: wood is in our dna, it’s a part of us, it’s our roots, and a wonderful material. That’s where our technology starts from, a noble and complex material, which has helped us refine our skills and expertise, and consequently approach new materials.
From solid wood, we have expanded into panels and windows: our catalog features several working centers for panels with automated loading and unloading, and a “Diva Doors” solution for five-axis machining of doors, that’s a challenge we have won.
Last October, at Xylexpo, we presented our “Argo G-Max”, a multifunctional five-axis working center for solid wood and panels, an innovative solution that can support the productivity of small and medium businesses, who are increasingly attracted by “high technology”, but must be approached with solutions that fit their size, their real daily needs”.

by Luca Rossetti

The new “Greda Lab” showroom
The 2022 edition of “Greda Lab” was hosted in the new showroom of the numerical control working center specialist, an area of more than one thousand square meters located next to the production site, where customers, partners, suppliers, resellers and collaborators had the opportunity to meet and discuss technology and market topics.
The open-house event at the end of November involved hundreds of industry operators and partners. The software houses Ddx and Tpa participated, together with Agla, an Abruzzo-based specialist in the creation of immersive virtual environments and 3D design, selected by Greda to create a virtual showroom that made its debut concurrently with the physical one.
“Greda Lab” hosted not only customers and resellers from Italy and abroad, but also a hundred students from the vocational training center “Giuseppe Terragni” in Meda, the Artwood Academy – wood-furniture training institute in Camnago-Lentate, and the high school “Jean Monnet” in Mariano Comense.
An extraordinary five-day experience with demos, seminars and the official opening of the new showroom with three battle horses by Greda, the working centers “Argo G-Max”, “Mitika V5” and “Poker V5”, with the participation of the mayor of Mariano Comense, Giovanni Alberti (second from left in the picture), who cut the ribbon together with founder Nicola Daschini and his children Marianna and Piero.

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