Jowat: “Green Adhesives” in furniture and buildings”

Sustainability has many different facets. Companies who want to make their processes and products greener need extensive expertise in that field and a 360-degree look at the issue. The same requirements apply for the use of modern adhesives. The development of new adhesives based on renewable raw materials and the expansion of a sustainable product portfolio are key focuses of the innovation and technology leader Jowat. As leading adhesive supplier to the furniture industry, Jowat has established its “Green Adhesives” —a complete package of trailblazing adhesives coupled with comprehensive services—to make bonding applications in furniture and buildings more sustainable, taking into account a wide range of aspects.

The green product portfolio is tailored to match all focus areas: renewable raw materials, employee and consumer safety, and resource conservation. Therefore, the “Grow” product family supplies a broad spectrum of adhesives based on biological or recycled materials. Reactive Pur hot melt adhesives with hazard-free labeling from the “Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR” series promote safety at the workplace and prevent costs for the additional training of processors prescribed in the EU. Special hot melt adhesives with low processing temperatures and high yield facilitate resource-saving manufacturing processes, and low-emission adhesives promote consumer safety.

Jowat “Green Adhesives” provide a benefit not only to companies in the furniture industry, but also to manufacturers of building elements and construction materials. They are powerful adhesives which facilitate sustainable and efficient construction and refurbishment due to their wide range of applications—fully in line with in the spirit of the European Green Deal.

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