The challenge for joineries: keep up with the times!

Being a joiner today, making furniture and even more windows, you must have made clear technological choices in due time. We found evidence to this statement in Rivergaro, few kilometers off Piacenza, where the Fratelli Bozzarelli company, founded in 1975 by Bruno, Franco and Mauro Bozzarelli and now guided by the second generation, with Marco and brothers Gianmario and Vera Bozzarelli, have won the challenge. Together with Working Process…
“One year ago we decided to invest in a second machining center by Working Process to give a twist to our business and expand our market, increasing a our productivity to three hundred windows a day. Actually, we considered replacing the first Working Process machining center, which we purchased back in 2007, with a new “Logos Life Exo XS”said Gianmario Bozzarellibut the strong recovery of the markets after the Covid emergency convinced us to think big, creating a new production unit and updating our first Working Process”.

Gianmario Bozzarelli

“We chose to invest in a complex time, in the middle of a pandemic, when everything seemed destined to collapse. But we did not lose heart, and we went from thinking that maybe the time had come to close, to the decision to invest a million euros in a machining center, I must admit that the step was short”, added Vera Bozzarelli.
“After all, the world of carpentry has changed and those who have not invested in highly automated technologies have either decided to become a dealer or only deal with installations”, continued Gianmario Bozzarelli. “Such technologies not only guarantee the necessary productivity and less labor, but they can produce the windows that the market wants today, with increasingly reduced thicknesses to have the maximum amount of light possible, obviously always guaranteeing the highest quality, tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation. Today, in our catalog, we have wood-aluminum windows, the possibility of providing certified solutions with thicknesses from 68 to 90 millimeters, lifting, tilting and any type of “oversized” models. All processed in a simple and effective way thanks to the technologies we have chosen”.

But it must not have been easy for a “traditional” carpentry shop to choose such an innovative technology as the one proposed by Working Process…
“We have known Massimo Schiavetta (one of the founders and partner, ed.) since even before Working Process was born: we knew his skills, his vision, and when he showed us what his machines could do, a world opened up. I was less than twenty years old, but I understood that this would be our future. Compared to the way a window was produced at the time, we were on another planet, but it was not easy to convince dad and uncles, even if when – in 2007 – the first Working Process center arrived, an investment that was equal to our turnover of a year, it did not take long to change their minds…
I like to say that then the new Fratelli Bozzarelli was born, thanks to these machining centers that give us an edge, which allow us to add value to the final product that our customer immediately perceives; machines that give us the availability in terms of working hours essential for us, without any problem.
With the new machining center, we can work with “radius 2”, which for wood means getting very close to the sharp edge, but it is a feature that the market wants and that we can guarantee.
Without forgetting that, as I mentioned before, today we want windows with less and less obtrusive structures, but at the same time they must “carry” increasingly large and heavy glass surfaces, with thicknesses of up to 54 millimeters. These products must have been excellently designed and built, otherwise…”.

“Within fifteen years we have transformed ourselves – said Vera Bozzarelli demonstrating, in our small way, that any company can decide to change and face a reality that is always changing, that offers always different challenges.
Now we are looking for new people to be included in our staff, more IT engineers than carpenters, and this is also a precise sign, although for us – in the end – the true value is love for what you do, passion…“.

“The machining center technology in the production of windows and doors was introduced in the early years of 2000, when it was thought that, as it happened for furniture, also for windows there could be a “single machine” capable of bringing together all the processes up to that moment carried out by different units”, said Filippo Schegginetti of Working Process, who introduced us to Falegnameria Bozzarelli. “We were certainly among the very first, the first in Italy, to study, to develop, to propose this new technology that today is declined into very important plants, reaching very high productivity levels with a quantity of labor that can be evaluated in few people and, at the same time, in more compact working centers, designed precisely for smaller companies with lower production volumes”.

“The “Logos Life Evo XS” chosen by the Bozzarelli family is an automatic control machining center for the processing of wooden windows of any shape and size, equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems that make it a “standalone” solution, which can produce in absolute autonomy the pieces that the operator has loaded, with lengths ranging from 110 to 6 thousand millimeters. Our system with independent automatic grippers allows us to work extremely small as well as very long pieces with the same effectiveness and without “reprises”. And we love to emphasize that on the same machine we can produce profiles for windows and doors, but also the components of glazing bars that can have a section slightly higher than a pen.
While in the past the machine was the limit, now the “shape” is the drive, and the machine, the working center, is in charge to carry out the required task as fast and as accurately as possible”.

You call this machine “compact”, but it impresses with its content of “invention” and technology.
“Our machines are all “important” achievements in terms of technology and flexible response to customer needs. We are talking about solutions that have at least two operating heads – if we consider the “entry level” versions – with loading systems that manage the optimization of processes thanks to independent grippers, ten in the machine installed at the Bozzarelli carpentry, which are automatically organized to bring the piece to the machining area, regardless of its length.
That’s where the interaction with the operating heads starts, each of which can work with the necessary tools on the plane, laterally, under the plane of the wooden element: with our systems, all six faces of the element are always reachable and available.
This is the result of long experience: we built our first units in 2006, and since then, we have always invested heavily in ideas, research, in the development of increasingly intelligent and useful solutions that have allowed us to achieve unique results in terms of load of the operating heads, effectiveness of the workpiece clamping systems and the different manipulations necessary”.

by Luca Rossetti

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