Lamello launches “Clamex S-20”

It is called ‘Clamex S-20’ and it is the new jointing made by Lamello. A solution with a slim design and numerous applications that offers completely new dimensions in wood joining technology.

Like every “Clamex” joint made by Lamello, “Clamex S-20” is removable (thanks to the swivel hook) and can be used with any material. It is assembled to its counterpart by means of a lever, the workpieces can be machined with any milling machine, and thanks to its reduced thickness, frontal assembly is possible on materials with thicknesses from 8 millimetres.

Clamex S-20″ is a removable joint for the Lamello system, which is suitable for materials with thicknesses from 16 millimetres and is fixed in the groove with special screws. The four-millimetre symmetrical grooves can be made with any milling machine. The joint is joined to its counterpart by means of a hook and offers lateral mounting tolerance”.

The latest joint made by the Swiss company is ideal for furniture and interior fittings: wardrobes, sloping attic cabinets, roof linings, restorations, prototype construction, frame assembly, shelves, thin joints, bookcases, and many other solutions.
Not only that. “Clamex S-20” is also used in corner joints, joints between surfaces, frame joints, different angles.

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