Edgebanding: Homag’s version

2023 was a year packed with new and established solutions. Let’s review the edgebanding portfolio by the German group.

With the “Edgeteq S-240”, model “1230 Hf” edge banding machine, HOMAG offers an entry-level solution with a feed speed of 11 m/min for woodworking shops with comprehensive unit equipment, entry-level automation and a high level of flexibility in post-processing.
It is equipped with a magazine for rolls of material and solid wood strips up to an edge thickness of 6 mm, with a joint trimming unit, gluing unit for processing Eva/Pur, snipping unit with automatic chamfer/straight adjustment and automatic adjustment of flush/overhang trimming.
For automatic adjustment of the snipping motors to two positions.  Trimming unit with pneumatic three-point adjustment and the profile trimming unit with automatic adjustment between thin and thick edges.
The finishing area has three units: a profile scraper with quick-change heads, a glue joint scraper with pneumatic adjustment and a buffing unit.

The equipment of the “Edgeteq S-300” model “1440 E”, offers competitive advantages for both woodworking shops and small- and medium-sized businesses — especially in the case of frequently changing edge thicknesses.
The two-profile technology—here with the profiles “R1” and “R2”—on the single-motor “FF6210” profile trimming unit brings more flexibility to processing thanks to the fast, precise change by touch via the control system. Setup times and the machine length are shortened, thereby increasing cost efficiency.
At the latest Ligna, the Edgeteq S-300 was equipped with a new ergonomic air cushion table at the machine infeed and outfeed. The ergonomic machine infeed and outfeed ensure safe and convenient workpiece feed and removal.
The variable feed speed is 8–14 m/min. The machine is equipped with a joint trimming unit, the “Qa65n” universal application unit for the optional processing of Eva or Pur hot-melt glue and the edge magazine for strips and rolls of material. Post-processing takes place using the snipping unit, the multi-level trimming unit and the single-motor profile trimming unit. The multi-level profile scraper, the glue scraper and the buffing unit ensure the perfect finish.

Sharp and blunt-angled parts, workpieces with longitudinal grooves or with hinge holes, workpiece thicknesses from 8–60 mm, sensitive surfaces and much more can all be processed optimally using the “Edgeteq S-380” model “1672 E” at a feed speed of 8–20 m/min.
For perfect glue joints, this machine is equipped with the universal “Qa65n” application unit and the universal melting unit (2.5–4 kg/h), which can be used for production with Pur or Eva (ethylene vinyl acetate).
The change of glue type in the universal melting unit can be performed quickly and easily with two special interchangeable tanks for Pur cartridges or Eva granulate.

The universal application unit is equipped with automatic glue quantity metering. Via the “PowerTouch” user interface, the glue application quantities are set simply, precisely and quickly. This leads to optimum glue joint quality, higher availability and performance, as well as greater cost efficiency.
Before gluing, the joint trimming unit creates the basis for a precise workpiece edge. Post-processing is carried out with the “Hl70” two-motor snipping unit, the “Ms40” multi-level trimming unit, the “Mf60” multifunction profile trimming unit, the “Mz40” multi-level profile scraper unit and the finishing units of the glue joint scraper, cleaning agent sprayer and buffing unit.
The multifunction profile trimming unit with two motors and the “FlexTrim” multi-radius tool offers precise adjustment options for perfect corner processing. The structural shelf function also allows profile trimming of edges on raw panel corners.

The combination with the return and the new automatic two-part edge magazine increases the productivity of the edge banding machine. The “Loopteq O-300” workpiece return is ideal for a wide range of parts, from small and light workpieces to large and heavy ones.
The units are controlled intuitively, and the parameters are entered using PowerTouch on the 24-inch multitouch monitor.
A new air cushion table concept including sliding carriages was also presented (also for the “Edgeteq S-500”). The ergonomic machine infeed ensures a safe and right-angled workpiece feed. For processing edge overhangs and copying corners, the “Mf60” multifunction trimming unit features a stepping motor for automatically adjusting to different edge thicknesses.

Edgeteq S-500” was designed by Homag with flexibility in mind. With a feed speed of 16–25 m/min, it is highly automated and equipped with state-of-the-art software via “WoodCommander 5”.

A high degree of flexibility in gluing is achieved by the combination of the Homag airTec zero joint technology with the gluing unit for processing Eva and Pur hot-melt glues. The PUR melting unit is also designed with a melting capacity of up to 6 kg/h.”
The magazine ensures that six different edges are automatically fed in. The servo edge feed reduces edge waste. The edge thickness compensation, for compensating for the tolerances of the edge material, is integrated into the edge data management.

Post-processing begins with the automated “Pk25” snipping unit and the “Bf10” pre-trimming unit. On the “Mf21” multi-trimming unit, the “Fk30” profile trimming unit and the “Mn21” multi-scraper, three-profile technology can be used to automatically change between three profiles plus chamfer. In addition to short setup times, this achieves reproducible quality at the highest level. Thanks to the “WoodWop” package for the profile trimming unit, post-processing of prefabricated workpieces with post-forming and soft-forming profiles is also possible without any difficulty.

The “Sf21” standard trimming unit with automatic adjustment is used for grooving, rabbeting and profiling. The “Edgeteq S-500” is equipped with special safety equipment for inserting grooves in solid strips in synchronous rotation.
The new ergonomic air cushion table at the machine infeed and outfeed ensures safe and convenient workpiece feed and removal. The sliding carriage for small parts ensures that even construction elements and small parts can be processed easily.

“Edgeteq S-500” can also be equipped with the “Wz14”workpiece feeding system, which was previously available only for higher series. Thanks to the extended push catches of the “Wz14”, workpieces are guided safely under the top roll pressure unit. The moving gantry ensures precise parallel cuts, a prerequisite for achieving exact 90° angles. This means that even rough-edged workpieces can be processed perfectly.

A perfect supplement to this edgebanding machine is the “Loopteq O-600” gantry return. Intelligent automation forms the basis for a high-performance, interlinked material flow. The defined rotation when moving the workpieces results in a process-oriented return and finished workpieces can be ejected or stacked.

“Edgeteq S-500” is also offered in a custom version to process very narrow workpieces down to 40 mm.  Like its “sisters”, this machine is also equipped with a new ergonomic air cushion table at the machine infeed and outfeed. The ergonomic machine infeed and outfeed ensure safe and convenient workpiece feed and removal. The two-profile technology on the “Pf21” fine trimming unit brings more flexibility to processing thanks to the fast, precise change by touch via the control system. Setup times and the machine length are shortened, thereby increasing cost efficiency.

Among the new features presented by Homag for “Edgeteq S-500”, the new “WoodCommander 5” software offers new additional internal and external options for data exchange. “This has created the basis for digital production today and tomorrow”.
Compared to previous releases, “WoodCommander 5” is faster, safer and more flexible. The software is designed to select processing programs and edge material and enables the reliable and fast recording of production parameters as well as the workpiece-oriented creation of machine programs.

Faster: With clever grouping of levels of information, fewer clicks are required to produce the desired results. Relevant parameters can be displayed dependent on the situation. Preview images from the 3D simulation enable faster program changes.
Safer: The real 3D workpiece simulation, the display of the dimensions directly on the 3D workpiece and the automatic check of impermissible parameter combinations lead to a high level of operating safety. Having fewer test workpieces also results in time and cost savings. The processing steps resulting from the simulated effect on the workpiece as well as the switchable tool track must be captured at first glance.
More flexible: The machine operator has enormous flexibility thanks to the user-specific arrangement of parameters, the integrated user rights management and widgets for programs or edge material, for example.


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