Baumer Inspection: inspection systems for a lot 1 production

The Furniture Systems from Baumer Inspection for a fully automated Lot 1 production.

Baumer Inspection checks the quality of the furniture parts after each production step with the aim of monitoring and optimizing production and achieving maximum capacity utilization.

After the panel sizing saw, the surface is first inspected on both sides of the panel with the “ColourBrain Furniture 4.0” inspection system from Baumer Inspection. Second choice and reject parts are detected and the structure direction is checked. Immediately after scanning the surface, a barcode label is applied. The corresponding defect logs, with reference to the barcode, are entered into Baumer Inspection’s “Q-Live” database. Defective parts are automatically rejected and immediately transported to a rework station. At the ReworkStation, the barcode is scanned and information about the type of defect and its position on the furniture part is obtained in a clear manner. This makes it possible to decide whether the part, in the case of a second choice, should be turned over so that the defect is on the inside of the board, whether the board can be cut into other formats, or whether the board must be immediately remanufactured.


All first choice parts are distributed to the single-sided batch 1 edging machines after surface inspection. During each run, the quality of the edge banding is checked at the end by each machine using Baumer Inspection’s “ColourBrain Edge 4.0” inspection system. After completion of the corresponding runs, all parts come to an inspection station. There, an operator automatically sees on the screen of the Baumer Inspection post-processing station software edge defects and their position on the board. This provides all the information needed to decide whether it can be reworked or whether it must be remanufactured.

Baumer inspection systems provide the basis for concrete and effective process optimization. Moreover, not only the good parts end up in the packaging department, but also remanufactured parts arrive just in time and do not keep the customer or the truck waiting for delivery.

“In addition, Baumer Inspection’s innovative “Q-Brain” software can be installed on all systems. This software distinguishes in principle between false defects such as dirt or chips from real defects, which significantly reduces the work of a human reinspection of scrap parts”, explained the company.

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