Teknomotor: a new “short-nose” power spindle

Teknomotor, based in Quero Vas (near Belluno) and specializing in the production of power spindles, has recently presented a new model, “COMTC410018”, a solution that you can distinguish “by nose”.

“Long or short nose for your power spindle? The nose of the new “COMTC410018” by Teknomotor – according to the Italian company – is slightly longer than the other models of the family “COMTC41”. But beauty is not just a nice profile: 40,000 rpm, “Iso20” connection, liquid cooling, compact size and all the high-quality features of the “K-High Performance” spindles can be found in the newcomer.
In line with Teknomotor’s tradition, the motor has been developed by listening to the requirements of customers, who are increasingly keen on the reliability and accuracy of their projects under difficult conditions”.

To develop the new “COMTC410018”, Teknomotor acquired new machines, equipment and specific test and measurement devices for its workshops and engineers.
It was a major investment, paid back by the results achieved: “COMTC410018” is the ideal companion for those who won’t get satisfied”.

The capacity to make all new designed components internally has streamlined the model prototyping and definition process, resulting into a finished model in few months.
The technological evolution – said Stefano Bertocco, communication manager at Teknomotor – is visible not only in the features of our motors, but also in the infrastructures, equipment, systems, machines and tools that are introduced and updated continuously to support it”.

We design and manufacture our motors – Bertocco continued – and this requires strong commitment not only in terms of investments in hardware and software: training and skill development are just as critical, as required by more and more advanced engineering, development and production systems. It’s never easy to find people with the required skills: reliability, attention and focus on details must be shared by everyone in the Teknomotor staff. Our training and vocational programs are designed to develop our professional profile in line with the technologies we use”.
Being independent engineers and manufacturers is certainly a valuable asset.
“On the one hand, we understand the daily needs and problems faced by our customers, and we work to offer them the same working conditions we would like to have. On the other, we only depend on ourselves, and we can give more direct, accurate and faster responses”.


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