Biesse: Sustainability Report 2024

Biesse presented the new 2023 Sustainability Report, a complete report that highlights the results achieved about environmental, social and governance goals (ESG).

The year 2023 – explained the company – represented a period of acceleration of the company’s transition path which redesigns the organization from a One Company perspective, a transformation aimed at improving competitiveness on international markets, made even more necessary to mitigate the risks of the global geopolitical framework, which is also slowing down the achievement of the goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030.
The realization of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda is not only a necessity, but it represents an investment in the future of our planet. We have responded to these challenges with the desire to be an international and united group. The group launched the “Change Biesse: To.Get.There” initiative, to foster an inclusive work environment and to make its commitment to transformation tangible.
Biesse continues to invest in growth and development, also through strategic partnerships and the involvement of local communities to support the most fragile people and the most vulnerable territories.
Environmental challenges remain at the center of the agenda and in fact, this year too Biesse has accelerated and implemented energy efficiency initiatives and has obtained ISO 14001 certification for the environmental management system also for the Bangalore plant in India, demonstrating its commitment to understanding and therefore mitigating environmental impacts.
Biesse is convinced that actively participating in the evolution process is the only way to guarantee shared and lasting success; the results presented are in fact the result of this commitment to continue implementing the company project and building a better and sustainable future“.

Click here and read the Sustainability Report.

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