Fanuc Italia: Cristian Bosi is the new managing director

Cristian Bosi is the new Managing Director of the Italian subsidiary of Fanuc Italia, one of the leading players in industrial automation and robot production. “We are thrilled to welcome Cristian Bosi at the helm of Fanuc Italia,” said Marco Ghirardello, President and CEO of Fanuc Europe Corporation. “His international experience, combined with his analytical and strategic approach to the business based on an innovative dynamic model that adapts to the needs of the market, chart a new, ambitious course towards excellence for the Italian subsidiary.”

I start with great enthusiasm this new path in Fanuc to contribute to the growth of the company with internationalisation, innovation and inclusion“, said Cristian Bosi. “The valorization of the great experience and quality recognised by the market, together with a necessary open approach to process innovation and talent diversity, will allow agility and security in facing the challenges of the dynamic context in which Fanuc operates“.

Italy is the second largest market in Europe for Fanuc, and excels internationally in its ability to develop innovative, dynamic and tailor-made solutions and systems“, added Bosi. “Ready to face the challenges of the international market, Fanuc Italia offers strategic support at the highest level, guaranteeing a winning combination of local expertise and global vision“.

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