Voc indoor emissions. From pane to the final product

The International workshop “Voc indoor emissions. From pane to the final product” will take place in Pesaro next 27 May. The workshop is organized by Cosmob – the technology center for the wood-furniture industry – in collaboration with Enea – the national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development inside European project Act Clean, which aim is to promote clean technologies and ecoinnovation tools in Sme’s Central Europe region.
Recently, studies on the emissions of Volatile organic compounds (Voc) are attracting a significant interest because of the pollution they produce indoor and, consequently, the impact they have on the environment and on individual health. In the wood-furniture industry, materials used for manufacturing (paints, glues, adhesives, etcetera) provide a remarkable source of Voc emissions. By considering that people spent 80 percent of their time “indoor”, it’s clear why an increasing attention is focused to these issues, especially by furniture manufacturers which tend to satisfy consumers who pay strong attention to products characteristics in relation to their impact on environmental and health. Aim of the workshop is to provide participants, by means of experts’ reports and companies’ case studies, at international level, a vision about design requirements and critical approaches to control production processes in order to lower Voc emissions, in compliance with recent regulatory standards and consumer behaviour.

For more information: www.cosmob.it.

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