Oece: 1K white barrier primer for exteriors

43E-9010/2” by Oece is a new 1k blocking primer for exterior especially formulated to work as universal blocking primer, able to block both tannin exudation, pine knots bleeding and also various extractives coming from exotic woods. Its insulating properties has been successfully tested on tannin rich woods like Oak and Chestnut, Pine with knots and resin, Russian Larch, exotic wood like Movingui, Agba, Idigbo, Merbau, and Accoya. Other than the high barrier properties for a 1k product, “43E-9010/2” can be distinguished from the other primers of the range for good wet adhesion, low water absorption, good wettability, good weathering resistance, low viscosity. For joinery it is applicable by manual or automatic spray – tested also on Cefla “iGiotto” painting robot. “43E-9010/2” can be used as a first coat on bare wood or as an intermediate coat on wood previously treated with protective stain. It can be overcoated with any topcoat in the exterior range. It can be tinted with WB pastes “445-XX60”. Given its basic pH (about 9), it allows to work on the usual equipment without need of special cleaning or dedicated equipment. The typical coating system consists of the fungicide stain “458-0002/2” (or protective white stain “454-9005/2”), “43E-9010/2” and, after a light sanding, the topcoat “41E-9099/30” or “41E-9009/30”. “43E-9010/2” was subjected, with excellent results, to internal tests on water absorption EN927-5, wet adhesion (pull-off) CEN/TC 139, natural weathering EN927-3, artificial weathering EN927-6 (Quv-A) and nf297 (Gardner wheel).

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