Bau 2019…”the” exhibition

A key event for the European construction industry, the exhibition in Munich, to be held 14 to 19 January 2019, leaves no area unexplored: it anticipates trends, it tests mature and established technologies, and it suggests the business strategies to be adopted in the future. In the 2019 edition, two new halls will increase its capacity. And promises…

Bau is not just a construction show, its “the” exhibition: the breadth and depths of technology and product review shows the direction of the entire industry, including locks, fittings and security, doors and windows, and wooden floorings. An excellent information opportunity for industry operators.

In 2017, Bau increased its visitor attendance results by almost 12 percent, reaching up to 250 thousand visitors and a 32.3 percent share of international operators. Italy is the third country for visitor figures and the first one (after Germany) by number of exhibitors. Bau also receives a huge number of extra-European visitors from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America.

The key target is architects and engineers (no other construction show attracts such a big crowd of designers), general contractors and construction companies, craftspeople, resellers and distributors of construction materials.

For the upcoming edition, the exhibition area has been rearranged and some product categories have been moved.  Glass technology and production companies will move from traditional C2 to C3. Bau It, the review of construction software, will be hosted in hall C2, together with solar protection, skylights, domes, artificial lighting, building automation and lifts.

Special initiatives and topics in 2019
Great news at Bau 2019 include a “Digital Village” offering networking opportunities for software developers, industry, research and users. The traditional successful “Architecture Forums” will be replicated:
“Architects meet the future of constructions” in Hall C2; “Architects meet industry” and “Architects meet research, building the future” in Hall A4. Four special shows are planned dedicated to future-oriented topics. “Spaces for living in the future” in collaboration with the Fraunhofer institute (the biggest applied research organization in Europe); “Sustainable is the new normal” with DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council); “Building components TripleS—Smart / Safe / Secure” with ift Rosenheim (test laboratory, inspection and certification institute at European level according to Din En ISO/IEC 17025 standard) and “Smart Living” with DGGG (German Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics).
Bau 2019 will present four key topics: “Digital: Processes+Architecture”; “Connected: Living+Working”; “Integrated: Systems+Constructions”; “Smart: Light+Buildings”. And especially for wood industry companies (semifinished materials, components, locks, furniture), digitalization is definitely a topic to focus on.

Digitalization in the forefront
Digitalization is an essential and pervasive trend affecting construction processes of all types and size: from smart building to component automation, keeping up with product innovation is an essential strategic lever. Smart components like garage doors, house entrance doors, windows, blinds and automated solar protection systems offer added value in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and security. There is an increasing demand for centralized locking systems, anti-intrusion alarms, window open/closed status signals. The control, drive and sensor technologies required for these applications are getting ever simpler and cheaper, with the additional option of radiofrequency systems to retrofit existing buildings.

Wood constructions
Also in the wood industry ,digitalization plays a key role. Digital tools support freeform design and construction, promoting the creation of new construction concepts. Building complexity feeds the desire for simplification: in the future, prefabricated and modular constructions will become more and more popular. A key role will be played by digital tools that transform design data into 3D-printed components. Furthermore, digital processes are essential for the visualization of structures or detailed wall, ceiling and roof installations.

Innovation talks in… glass
At Bau 2019, you will also find an extensive review of solutions for sun, heat and noise protection and for light guidance. Depressurized insulating glass promises new possibilities. While traditional, hermetically sealed insulating glass may deform or even break as a result of severe strains due to climate, depressurized glass allows for pressure compensation in the interspace between the panes and the atmosphere. This reduces the risk of glass breakage and facilitates the integration of sun and weather protection in the interspace.

Wooden flooring
Manufacturers in this segment will present a great variety of elastic and textile coverings, parquet flooring, laminate, terrace planks, baseboards and profiles, but also solutions relating to laying and application techniques. In respect of the material, the topics will place a clear focus on sustainability and ecological compatibility-in the form of healthy design floors free of Pvc and plasticizers. As far as real wood floors are concerned, oak timber continues to enjoy great popularity, just like another classic: in high-end interior design, the laying of parquet floors in fish bone pattern celebrates its comeback. At the same time, a strong trend towards generous country-style planks can be noticed.

BAU 2019

14 to 19 January 2019

Monday-Friday 9.30 am-6.00 pm; Saturday 9.30 am-4.00 pm

19 halls (two additional halls in 2019 compared to 2017, C5 and C6).

200 thousand square meters of net exhibition surface


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