“Inside Biesse”: from 11 October to 5 November

Inside Biesse” is yet to come: the traditional annual event of the Italian group, in this post-pandemic 2021, will be staged from 11 October to 5 November. A return in autumn – after the “Inside Spring” event, staged in May – in a double format, physical (directly from the Biesse Group campus in Pesaro) and digital, with “live” events and webinars.
During the next edition of the event, the group will focus on technology and innovation, from wood to glass and stone, from machining centers to edge banding machines, panel saws, software, and all the new technologies created in that of Pesaro.

The webinar calendar promoted by Biesse is very busy. On 11 October, on the first day of the event, two tech walks will be available, one dedicated to machining centers and one dedicated to cutting. On October 18th it will be the time for edging and sanding, on October 25th for drilling and on November 3rd ample space will be dedicated to housing and technological materials.

Furthermore, for the entire duration of the event, the group will offer demonstrations (live and digital) of its products.

To register and book your visit, please refer to this form, while for more information on dates and events we invite you to consult the official website of “Inside Biesse”, which you can reach by clicking here.

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