Machine tools: 2022 is looking good

2021 was a decidedly positive year for the Italian machine tool, robot and automation manufacturing industry, which recorded double-digit increases for all the main economic indicators: production, exports, domestic deliveries and consumption.

With these results, the Italian machine tool industry once again confirmed itself as one of the main players in the international scenario. In particular, it was fifth in the production ranking, losing one position preceded by the United States, fourth among exporters, and fourth among consumers climbing one position compared to last year.

In 2022, despite the general climate of uncertainty, the positive trend will continue strongly. Because of this, the Italian branch industry is expected to touch new absolute records for most indicators.

This, in brief, is the picture illustrated by Ucimu-Sistemi per produrre President Barbara Colombo at the Members’ Meeting at which Confindustria President Carlo Bonomi spoke.

According to final figures compiled by Ucimu’s Center for Studies & Business Culture, in 2021, Italian production of machine tools, robots and automation stood at 6,330 million euros, registering a 22.2 percent increase over 2020. Consumption grew, by 40.7 percent, to 5,009 million, driving the increase in both domestic deliveries (plus 35.1 percent, 3,135 million) and imports (plus 51.1 percent, 1,874 million).

Also on the rise were exports, which stood at 3,195 million in 2021, 11.7 percent higher than the previous year. The export-to-production ratio fell, from 55.2 percent in 2020, to 50.5 percent in 2021.

In 2021, main outlet markets for Italian supply were: Germany (353 million, plus 22.2 percent), the United States (336 million, minus 10.1 percent), China (228 million, plus 1.7 percent), Poland (177 million, plus 23.5 percent), France (176 million, plus 11.3 percent), Turkey (129 million, plus 28.7 percent), Russia (103 million, plus 2.9 percent), and Spain (99 million, plus 4.4 percent).

The positive performance of the Italian industry in the sector has been reflected in the level of capacity utilization, the average annual capacity utilization of which has definitely increased from 65 percent in 2020, to 80.2 percent in 2021. Also on the rise was the order book, which stood at 7.3 months of assured production, up from 5 months in the previous year.

Industry turnover reached 9,174 million euros.

As shown in forecasts prepared by Ucimu’s Center for Studies & Business Culture, in 2022, the growth trend will continue strongly.
Production will stand at 7,150 million euros, 13 percent higher than the previous year, marking a new all-time record in the history of the Italian sector industry.
Consumption will grow to a record 5,670 million euros (plus 13.2 percent), driving manufacturers’ deliveries to the domestic market, which will achieve a new record, standing at 3,520 million euros (plus 12.3 percent). Imports will also rise to a value of 2,150 million euros (plus 14.7 percent).
Exports will grow to 3,630 million (plus 13.6 percent), so as to return to the levels of four years ago (2018).
According to Ucimu processing of ISTAT data, in the first three months of 2022, main outlet markets for Italian machine tool supply were: U.S. (93 million, plus 40.5 percent), Germany (62 million, minus 29.3 percent), China (45 million, minus 0.1 percent), France (40 million, plus 3.8 percent), Poland (35 million, minus 14.6 percent), Spain (30 million, plus 86.2 percent), Russia (20 million, minus 40.8 percent), Mexico (19 million, minus 13.1 percent), Turkey (18 million minus 59.7 percent) and India (17 million plus 17.8 percent).


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