Orderfox.com now also available to the Cnc Woodworking Industry

Orderfox.com went live about a year ago and has been blazing a pathway to success ever since. and is now expanding its offerings to include the Cnc Woodworking Industry. Now, Cnc Woodworking companies around the world can benefit from the multitude of opportunities and functionality available to them, as well as global networking. The focus of manufacturers from both the metal and woodworking industries continues to be the management and optimal utilisation throughout their manufacturing process. If the workload is too low, a Cnc manufacturer can quickly and easily search for new jobs that perfectly match their company profile. With the intelligent filter functions, searching for jobs is more efficient than ever before.
For buyers, Orderfox.com provides a range of contacts to meet any requirement – from mass producers, to highly specialised manufacturing firms with niche expertise. The menu-driven interface makes job placement very easy, numerous drop-down options are available for filter functions; such as material, industry, technology and much more. Whether you need to complete a quick, simple order in the shortest possible time, or are looking for partners for long-term and demanding work, Orderfox.com will always find you the right partner. With the platform extension into the Cnc Woodworking Industry, individual clients now have the opportunity to place orders. With little effort, individuals can now have their piece of furniture, or shaped wood parts produced by a professional and experienced Cnc manufacturer. Since June 2017, Orderfox.com has expanded into 25 languages, launched a global Trade Show & Event Calendar for the Cnc industry, expanded its research capabilities with a Knowledge & Trends feature,  and has integrated the Autodesk Forge™ Viewer into the platform. In addition, a Cnc Machinery Exchange for new and used machines, a Careers Centre, and an Innovative Communication Tool are also in development and are due to launch in 2018. As from the start, the use of Orderfox.com with all its features and functions remains free of charge.

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