Advertising on xylon

In this page you find our price list and all information
you need for the publication of an advertising page
on Xylon

Full page 190×270 mm euros 1.500
1/2 page (vertical)   95×270 mm euros 1.100
1/2 page (horizontal) 190×135 mm euros 1.100
2/3 page (vertical) 126×270 mm euros 1.250
1/3 page (vertical)   63×270 mm euros 950

Special positions

Front cover* euros 3.400
Double cover euros 2.900
Inside front cover euros 2.000
Inside back cover euros 1.900
Back cover   euros 2.500
Inside front page euros 1.900
Page after contacts euros 1.900
Page facing editorial euros 1.850
Page facing contents  euros 1.850

Positions are assigned according to booking order.
Progressive discounts are offered for longer time periods:

     3 months 5%  
    6 months 10%  
  12 months 20%    (all Xylon and Italian-woodtech-Xylon International issues) 


For leaflets or brochures call for estimates.
All formats are net of bleed.
*The cover page also includes a second space
(vertical half page on page 3), where more information can be given
concerning the featured company
and/or product, plus all company information of the advertiser.

Format:  190×270 mm

Bleed on four sides: 5 mm
Printing: Offset lithography
Materials to be supplied for printing operations: Acrobat Pdf, 300 dpi,
possibly with a color proof.
Binding: softbound
Material deadline: the 10th day of the month before
the two months period of publication.


Xylon (6 issues) euros 700
Xylon International (6 issues) euros 800 (one year) euros 500
Xylon + euros 900
Xylon International + euros 1.000

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