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Header (on the top, to the right of the header XYLON)
rotation: 728×90 pixels, euros 700;
Body (half homepage)
till  4 rotation  positions: 728×90 pixels, euros 500;
Footer Multi (at the end of news)
till to 3 rotation positions: 220×130 pixels, euros 300;
Sidebar (right column)
till  3 rotation positions: 373×250 pixels, euros 500.

Banner rates refer to one month periods. Banner positions are assigned according to booking order. Progressive discounts are offered for longer time periods:
3 months 5%
6 months10%
9 months15%
one year 20%
Promotion:  € 1.300
Contacts on Xylon (6 issues) + Xylon International (6 issues)
+ (12 months)
Newsletter standard
Newsletter standard, 600×148 pixel, €800
24 fortnightly newsletters are scheduled to be sent approximately the 15th and the 30th of every month, unless otherwise agreed with the clients.
Newsletter special
Presence in newsletter which are sent for special exhibitions  or particular topics, euros 800
They include one or two images, a short text, the logo of the event or of the company, the web and email address. If the newsletter is dedicated to a fair, hall and stand will be mentioned.
Dem (direct email marketing) in exclusive file .jpg , euros 2.500
Sending to our mailing list of one exclusive communication for a singol client, with contents realized directly from the client following its own corporate image and with the information needed (preceded by the headboard “xylon informa”).
Dem are scheduled to be sent  approximately on 30th of every month, unless otherwise ageed with the client. Progressive discounts are available for multiple runs.



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